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    DOWNLOAD: 10 things you should know about IE 7.0 enhancements


    by jodygilbert ·

    After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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      What Mickysoft does best

      by eccross ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you should know about IE 7.0 enhancements

      Thats Mickysoft doing what it does best. If it cannot create a exciting new product with never before seen features that are ingenious, why not steal them from someone else. Way to go, Bill, go ahead and steal the opensource community’s ideas and use them for personal gain. It’s not like we care, right?!

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      by ni70 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you should know about IE 7.0 enhancements

      [i]Tabbed browsing Users asked for it and now they?re going to get it?tabbed browsing, that is. It?s a feature made popular by Mozilla Firefox, Opera, MyIE2, and other third-party browsers, and it allows you to view multiple pages with ?tabs? in the same browser window so you can switch back and forth between them quickly and easily instead of having numerous browser windows open. You simply click on a tab to view a different open Web page. Because IE was originally designed as a single-window browser and because IE shares code with Windows Explorer, the addition of tabbing to IE was a challenge.[/i]
      A feature made popular by other browsers! Now if it were not for Mozilla Firefox do you think MS would have even come out with these [i][b]enhancements[/b][/i]?

      [i]Clear your tracks Privacy is a big concern, with identity theft on the rise. Many users share computers with others at work or at home, and/or use public computers such as those at libraries and Internet caf?s. They want to be able to quickly clear any personal information they?ve entered in browser forms and get rid of the records of what sites they?ve visited. In previous browser versions, this requires multiple steps to clear history, temp files, cookies, and so forth. IE 7.0 simplifies the process with its Clear Tracks option, which is implemented as a top-level menu item. This feature deletes the index.dat files that contain browsing records. Users will no longer need to buy third-party privacy protection software to easily clean up browsing history and other ?evidence.?[/i]
      I [i][b]bet[/b][/i] this will [i][b]delete[/b][/i] the index.dat! I wouldn’t count on it. Has MS ever made public what is contained in the index.dat file? I think not! SpiderBite will definitely ensure that IE7 will live up to that!

      [i]However, ActiveX can be exploited to download viruses or Trojans to users? machines and perform other harmful actions, so it can create a security risk. IE 7.0 attempts to ensure that controls can run only if they?re safe to run in the browser.[/i] ActiveX can be exploited? Microsoft finally admits that ActiveX can be exploited! Wow!

      Firefox! ’nuff said!

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      by brandon.aiken ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you should know about IE 7.0 enhancements

      It’s pretty easy to look like you’re making huge strides when you’re upgrading from a straw hut. Most of these enhacements should have been introducted in an IE 6 service pack. MS has simply not been listening to anybody — not users, not IT pros, not the marketplace — and been happy with their de-facto-standard, 6-year-old browser.

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      I had to go back to IE6

      by dwimmer ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you should know about IE 7.0 enhancements

      After installing IE7, my Norton Antivirus stopped working, said my update subscription was expired. After spending about 30 minutes with a guy that I could not understand much of his broken English on customer nosupport, he told me it was not compatible with IE7. Went back to IE6 and it worked again. It also worked with Firefox 1. Havn’t tried it with Firefox 2.

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        How did you go back to ie 6?

        by matthew77ask ·

        In reply to I had to go back to IE6

        I ‘upgraded’ to ie7 – found all sorts of problems and uninstall it. i got back my ie 6, but then suddenly one day – the program just disappear – icons, files all gone !

        I tried to down load ie6 from MS, but could not install – please help….. thanks

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