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DOWNLOA 10 things you should know about PowerPoint abuse

By JodyGilbert ·
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I will share this...

by RayJeff In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

With the faculty of my division. They have and need to implement technology more in their lectures. Also with them being not-so tech-savuy (sp), this will help them to not get "tech-happy" because they have it availble to use.

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Almost funny

by slurpee In reply to I will share this...

I just attended a convention where every speaker used PowerPoint, and almost all just read the wording on the slides which were, for lack of anything better, also photocopied and printed up as the notes for the convention. A few speakers spoke to the point but not word-for-word, but not many. Thank goodness for the question period afterward - otherwise I could have used the sleep.

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creativity lost

by Tink! In reply to Almost funny

I think we all created better presentations when we were in school. As adults in the real world we seem to lose the creative perspective and forget how to present things in an interesting way. We read to learn and therefore think we have to read to teach. This article drives home some very good points.

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So what IS the best color combo to use?

by docmomma In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

I think I avoid most of the blunders mentioned -- except that I have been using black text on a white background, thinking that it was the least likely to conflict with graphs and photos. Since many graphics have a white background, you avoid that white-box-around-the-photo look. So what color combination should I use? I'd like advice similar to the info about colorblind viewers -- that was eye-opening (sorry, couldn't resist).

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Conservative colors are best for the eyes

by billfranke In reply to So what IS the best color ...

A blue background with white letters is what I've found to work best. A white background is too bright for most slides. You can also use a very light gray or government green background with black letters. There has to be sufficient contrast between the background and the letters. It's best to avoid very bright colors. They just don't work well.

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Terrific Advice

by billfranke In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

I've been teaching public speaking and presentations for the past six years, and I agree with every one of your points. I arrived at all of them myself without having to read any theory books. All one need do is remember what one liked and disliked when watching the presentations of others. The great thing about your article is that it's so concise and doesn't miss a point.

I would be a little more explicit about outlawing any complete sentences (correctly spelt though they may be) unless it is crucial that they be complete sentences.

If the presenter knows the presentation, there is no need for a complete sentence, there is no temptation for the presenter to read complete sentences from the slides to the audience, and there is no temptation for the audience to read the presenter's complete sentences.

The first time I taught a presentations class, I used ten slides with three or four words or phrases on each slide. That took me about 15 minutes to create. I spent 47 minutes presenting that material. I knew exactly what I wanted to say even though I hadn't written down a word. Each of my words and phrases triggered a brief and spontaneous discussion from me. I think that that's the way presentations should be.

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