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DOWNLOA 10 things you should know about troubleshooting a slow PC

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
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User complaints are minimal when new PCs are rolled out. They start up quick, and programs seem to open in a snap. But over time, users begin to notice that their system is slow or that it hangs up often. While the possibilities for system slowdown are endless, this download identifies 10 common troubleshooting areas you should examine first before you suggest to management that it's time for an upgrade.

Download and review this list:

Join this ongoing discussion and let us know if this download provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format or content. You can also share you favorite tips and tricks for troubleshooting a slow PC.

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My top troubleshooting list

by peeyush_maurya In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

my hit list include

1. running msconfig or registry
going to following keys and deleteing few useless files from here
and start > programs > startup

2. Services.msc | for disabling the services which i dont need

3. Uninstalling the software which are not used/required

4. Looking for all weird process running

5. chkdsk /r and defrag

5. Page file/virtual memory

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Keeping clean!!!

This sounds less than technical..but a good machine is a clean machine.I notice throughout the years MS is less likely to crash and hang if you just simply keep it clean.Start with your browser,use a good quality browser not necessarly the one that came with it!!Set the ceche to empty when closing,empty cookies,names etc (this is good security practice anyway)On Ms undertake virus and malware scans once a week.Clean out junk especially after loading and uninstalling new programes.Failing this get Unix!!

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Call me skeptical...

by No name specified In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 things you s ...

but why is it that all these "things to know about" ALWAYS come in 10's??? This leaves me with the feeling that, either, there are more and I have been short-changes, or that there are less, but someone got it in their head that it was a brilliant idea to always pad it up to 10, or I am a moron and believe that you guys always come up with only and exactly 10 each time!!! By all means I am not saying that the article is bad or not helpful, but... 10? not 9? not 13, not 17?

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What about the #1 Problem!!!!

by dcarr In reply to Call me skeptical...

It looks like the article was written several years ago. SPYWARE & VIRUSES are the number 1 and 2 reasons for a slow P/C, and they are not even on the list!!!!! How Sad

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You got it!!

by rouschkateer In reply to What about the #1 Problem ...

You posted it before I did. But I agree! Viruses and spywareare the FIRST things we check for.

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by etol00 In reply to You got it!!

you failed to mention the second and third and so on, please do

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old but updated slightly

by jdclyde In reply to What about the #1 Problem ...

talking about WinNT as much as it does dates the article, and then a few random mentions of XP without really going into it.

FACT, there would be a different list for nt, 2k, and XP as they all have their own quirks.

The bad thing about much of the malware and viruses out there now, it more and more becomes the only way to "fix" the system is to format. Sure, you can get the virus off, but it is so unstable afterwards that you would have been best to go straight to the format.

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Should be added to the list

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to What about the #1 Problem ...

You're correct. Spyware and viruses should be on the list.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Spyware and viruses are now Number 1

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to What about the #1 Problem ...

I've added a spyware and viruses section to the list.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

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#3 reason for a slow PC

by salinascjohn In reply to What about the #1 Problem ...

Along with SPYWARE & VIRUSES comes the user not cleaning their machines defrag as well as disk clean. I have heard that you only need to defrag your drives or disk clean once a month. I have been cleaning and defraging my old machines over the years daily, so far not a problem with speed and access. As a user you have to tune your machines just like a car. Norton and McAfee also slow down computers, although a must have anti-virus software these two seem to really slow machines down. Also in the systems managment utilities all of the managing programs can cause system slowdown. I have personally shut a lot of that logging stuff down and my machine has raped access and loadtime. Forget dialup and get DSL, system registry programs can be tweaked. There are several ways to tweak your system. Software programs that virtually do it for you. If you have questions or need good free downloads for systems tweaking.

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