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DOWNLOA 10 things...developing soft skills to advance your career

By JodyGilbert ·

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Soft Skills

by low_wh In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

I'm totally agree that IT professionals should possess the required soft skills. Otherwise, you will be regarded as a "just technical savvy".

It enhances a profesional image to yourself. Even if you have resigned from your IT position one day and move to some other job, you will also be tested your soft skills by the hirer manager too.

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by doogal123 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

These skills are needed in business, not just in IT. I would suspect that there are too many technically savvy folks who are regarded as 'tech geeks' because they don't show people skills. Technical folks have gotten good by being able to focus and 'do their trade' but sometimes to the exclusion of interacting with the people around them.

Non-technical users can understand your replies if speak in simple examples, rather than in tech jargon. They are not unteachable, just not as tech savvy.

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by Absolutely In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

Pedantically written list of obvious "insights".

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# 11 Have a sense of humor

by GNX In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

# 11 Have a sense of humor. I couldn't see myself lasting 20 years in the IT world without it. Also look people in the eye when talking o them.

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those apply to everyone and #12

by Chief Alchemist In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

with rare exception, that list applies to just about anyone in any organization. there is really nothing tech specific about it. and i agree 100% that a sense of humour is important as well. might as well "tolerance" (read: understanding) of other's differences - be it biz skillz or social/eco, etc background. not everyone is or should be a geek

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by pm.long In reply to DOWNLOAD: 10 ...

What's that when it's at home?;~)

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