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DOWNLOA 13 changes in Visual Basic 2005

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·

Are you planning to upgrade to Visual Basic 2005 or are you still using Visual Basic 6 and never plan to change?

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Maybe someday

by bmayfield001 In reply to DOWNLOAD: 13 changes in V ...

I would like to go to VB.NET but VB6 does all I need. I'd like to try VB.NET just to see what it can do that would make it better than VB6 but not at the cost. I've heard getting the starter VB.NET is not a good idea.

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For now, VB6 -- don't fix it if not broke

by bobinvegas In reply to Maybe someday

I am in agreement with bmayfield (above) -- VB6 does everything I need it to do and I see no sense in replacing it. Over the years, I've become convinced that "upgrades" and newer versions generally yield very little for the user but yield a helluva lot for the sellers. I, for one, am tired of making Bill and the boyz filthy rich. The money they make is obscene; thus, the profits they rake in are blatant piracy.

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