Download Accelerator Problem

By usman.garments ·
Hello all, I am using ISA server 2004 Enterprise Edition with web proxy client configuration. I have set all proxy setting in DAP with username and Pwd. but it give error like that
"Download Could not to be accelrate download on Normal Speed".

please help me in Resolving this issues.
Second i am using web monitor but it could no allow to live update of NOD antivirus.
How we allow it also.

Muhammad Usman

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What is

by ComputerCookie In reply to Download Accelerator Prob ...
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There is a Program called

by OH Smeg In reply to What is

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP here

I think that is what the question is about but I've never seen it used with ISA previously so I'm not sure.


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I know about that these

by ComputerCookie In reply to There is a Program called

programs Col, however like you I was curious as to why one would be deployed with a server?


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ISA treats download accelerators as malware

by robo_dev In reply to Download Accelerator Prob ...

Download Accelerators, especially DAP, do not 'play nice' on the network, and ISA has 'Network Protection' features which prevent these programs from totally disrupting other user sessions.

ISA has many features to prevent Worm or DDOS attacks which include limiting the number of http requests per minute, TCP concurrent connections per address, etc.

The ISA proxy is going to limit the amount of bandwidth per user and the number of http threads to keep things fair.

Programs like DAP are just as bad as P2P apps, since they open MANY http threads on the client side and break files into fragments when they download.

ISA essentially treats these programs as worms and limits their bandwidth, by default.

Many ISA administrators explicitly block download accelerators since they tend to hog the bandwidth of the proxy server.

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Servers most definitely do not like DAP ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Download Accelerator Prob ...

Anytime I am using an FTP and forget to disable DAP, I get into all sorts of bother.

Mind you, I'm not sitting with a server, just a 3-workstation home network.

Incidentally - it's not all one-way: DAP will object to certain hook-ups also.

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