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DOWNLOA All software projects must end eventually

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·

Have you been on a never-ending project? When did you know your were in trouble?

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by Jaqui In reply to DOWNLOAD: All software pr ...

you mean we will see the death of ms as thier software projects will die off?

any software project that has a customer base for new versions won't end.
they will continue as long as there are sufficient people wanting the software.

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Did you read the download?

by JimmyF In reply to really?

The point was you have to ship. It doesn't mean you can't continue to ship updates and new versions. At my first job, poor planning and overzealous goals made it difficult to ever get things out the door.

I have to admit that I was sometimes part of the problem. I had a mentor at that company relate to me the the quote in the article. His version was "better is the enemy of good." At that time I was guilty of always trying to make things better and I needed to learn it. I wish I had read this when I started my career.

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