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DOWNLOA Anti-spyware tools

By JodyGilbert ·

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by beads In reply to DOWNLOAD: Anti-spyware to ...

You could add TrendMicro to your list with HouseCall and PCcillian. First is free scan. The second is good for 30 days.

- beads

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by Becky Roberts In reply to Downloads:

Cool thanks - missed that one.

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One advantage

by beads In reply to TrendMicro

Trend Micro recently bought InterMute software. InterMute has, to my knowledge, the only product capable of fully eradicating 'CoolWebSearch', not just disable it. Oh, and for the time being its free off of Trends Web site.

I was surprised to find I had traces of it on my machine which gets updated twice a day from two separate vendors.

- beads

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Are there any capable of identifying all spyware?

by ITExspurt In reply to Downloads:

It has been my experience that you can install and run 5 different packages, and all 5 will identify different spyware on the PC. Is there any one program that identifies and eradicates all spyware?

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by beads In reply to Are there any capable of ...

Its impossible for any one single company to totally eradicate all spyware. Problem is who gets to define what as spyware? All these companies that produce these products are in a position to make decisions as to what is and is not legitimate for the purposes of spyware.

Its a tough call and some companies do a better job with one type of spyware than another. Best to use atleast two vendors.

- beads

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A better choice...

by dotcom99 In reply to Are there any capable of ...

My company has had extensive experience removing and repairing damage from spyware/adware/malware & virus'. Panda software has the best options for removing this junk and keeping it off the systems in the future. You can download a trial version of their Titanium and Platnium versions which both include anti-virus, anti-spyware/adware/malware, firewall and a few other features, not to mention "True-Prevent" which, to my knowledge, is the only technology which prevents virus' and other baddies from penetrating your system without having a "known signature". Some hassels from from the firewall blocking wanted connections, which are repairable, are tollerable because the rest of the product is so good.

Dane Nelson

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Lots of hardware

by beads In reply to A better choice...

There is a good number of hardware platforms that do just that without the aid of signatures.

On the software side Panda is probably the leader though you can buy the extra 'Outbreak Prevention Policy (OPP) module from TrendMicro which does basically the same thing for a bit more money.

We haven't had a lot of problems here save a macro viruses from clients so we aren't ready for such a huge investment... yet. It will happen eventually. Spyware seems to be more of an issue than anything virus oriented as of late.

- beads

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to DOWNLOAD: Anti-spyware to ...

People need to be aware that the current version of this freeware product is for noncommercial use only. Unfortunatley, that provision eliminates me and my clients, as well as many of your members.

Craig Herberg

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ABetterInternet or Aurora

by bdx In reply to DOWNLOAD: Anti-spyware to ...

last week I tried to remove the above mentioned spyware with all kinds of anti-spyware, ad-aware corporated edition and all, but the bugger kept coming back all the time. msconfig and all but nothing helped.

Almost advised customer to have his laptop to be re-imaged so to eliminate the problem.

That to be done I just tried what we all do know not to do, went to the website of the spyware and downloaded the un-installer..I know but it did remove all spyware related to Aurora without a problem.... so sometimes working this way may solve the problem for good....


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maybe you should check Hitmanpro

by bdx In reply to DOWNLOAD: Anti-spyware to ... they combined several packages together, bad thing is that the site is in dutch only, but download is everywhere the same, rather nice package


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