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DOWNLOA Automate frame loading

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·

Are your still using frames on your Web site? Are you using includes or some other technique?
What are the advantages?

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by Jaqui In reply to DOWNLOAD: Automate frame ...

it's simple.
and here is a perfect example of how it TR could be improved by using one of the 4 methods:


by the time you reach the 24th message in that thread, even the advertising is gone from view.

if the navigation was in a top frame, iframe, floating div, or on a floating layer, then the nav links wouldn't be 20 seconds of scrolling away when you get to searching for new posts on the bottom of the post listing.

I just disable hotlinking to any uri, forcing people to go through the main entry page to keep an entry layout format if needed.
since not everyone has javascript running, or even uses a browser that supports any clientside scripting.
( my own personal mozilla build does not support plugins or clientside scripting. )

here is a css turorial on getting the frameset functionality, without using frames:


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by bea94457 In reply to advantages?

I hate frame the most because they look good on your machine its when you try a different machine and platform drives me insane they seem to never look or act the why you design them orignally. that my opion but each design likes them for different reasons.

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your reason

by Jaqui In reply to Frames

for not liking them is valid, since most people make the design mistake of giving absolute values.
all website design layout attributes should be in percentages.
then the site scales according to visitor's prefferences.

this applies to css and flash as well.

my display is at 1280 by 1024, TR's pages take 1/3 of a full screen browser window.. the middle third. the fonts are hard to read, because they are to small.
layout in percentages works much better.
( poking TR about the 2/3 of my screen that is an ugly grey background )

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