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    DOWNLOAD: Automate your Visual Studio.NET build process


    by Mark W. Kaelin ·

    What build process do you use for your application development projects? Is automation important to you? [b]Do you have an alternative suggestion for nUnit?[/b]

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      From the author: Levels of automation

      by quantumetrics ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Automate your Visual Studio.NET build process

      A point that isn’t introduced in this download is that automated build can be implemented at many levels:

      1. Daily Build. For shops that maintain a huge application or applications, a daily build is often used to keep everyone who works on pieces of the app on schedule – a daily 3 pm build, for instance, keeps people on their toes and makes sure they have their revised code checked in on time.

      2. A shared automated build routine. Used locally but conforming to the other automated builds in use throughout a shop. Such a build may be specific to a particular developer’s apps but is kept in sync with the other builds in use, in terms of the tests it employs and the steps it includes.

      3. My build. Even a very local build – home-grown by each developer for personal use – is better than no automated build at all, because even if a one-shot, developer-specific build only benefits its creator, that build is still ensuring that the developer who uses it is completely consistent in maintaining and testing code.

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