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DOWNLOA Build consensus and communication through effective governance

By JodyGilbert ·

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Executive commitment

by old timer In reply to DOWNLOAD: Build consensus ...

I rather like Danny?s paper particularly the theme of the ?politics? of IT Governance and the need for consensus building. Which leads one to consider the difference between governance and management.

I subscribe to the principle that IT governance is concerned with the purpose of IT within the enterprise, how IT as a capability is organised and managed, what it is applied to and how it delivers value to the enterprise. This viewpoint considers IT governance as understanding the strategic purpose of the enterprise and changing, adapting, improving the systems and processes of IT management to deliver on the strategic business outcomes. It would be unwise in my mind to let too many people become involved in actually governing an enterprise IT capability. However there are strong reasons for engaging more of them widely in deciding how to execute that strategy; but this is management.

Management, of course, is about doing things, doing them the right way, doing them well and measuring the results. I agree we need a consensus of purpose and roles to achieve these things, but its necessary to also get people aligned to the execution of strategy.

My simple separation of governance and management assumes an overly simplified role of a CIO. But experience suggests that only those in the largest of enterprises enjoy the luxury of being able to make a clear distinction between when they are in the role of governor or governed. All too frequently CIO?s of the less large enterprises are cast as just being IT managers, when they really should be encouraged to be IT governance team builders, consensus leaders, innovators as well as managers.

I was left with a simple thought after reading Danny?s paper. Where are the boards and executive teams with the courage to see IT this strategically, to get more involved in IT governance and are willing to demonstrate they will partner with the CIO and Govern IT by consensus.

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