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    DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password


    by Mark W. Kaelin ·

    Have you ever had to bypass the BIOS boot password? What other hacks have you had to resort to when troubleshooting a PC problem?

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      by jspencer ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password

      Many/most motherboards have a BIOS password reset.
      It is a jumper setting on the motherboard, generally you move the jumper that is on it so that it crosses the pins and reboot. No other settings are changed. Sometimes it is shows pwd, or pd, or pset. You may need to check the motherboard manual for the position of the jumper, or contact the manufacturer to find out where the jumper is. Some manufacturers (Dell) can supply you the password, as they have some algorythm they can use can give you the password.


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        Reply To: DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password

        by gregh ·

        In reply to overkill

        I find it funny that these pages post the most rudimentary “hacks”. Aren’t the people that subscribe to this site supposed to be “IT Professionals”? Where did these “Professionals” get their education? If you’re going to rebuild an engine, shouldn’t you know how to change a tire first?

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      What other hacks have you had 2 do?

      by michael_orton9 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password

      1/ With all PC m/b that I have met you can either use a jumper to reset the password, or 2 remove the battery for 30 mins.
      Then you are in. Change the bios to boot from floppy or cd, pop in a live linux cd or linux boot cd. and then everthing that isn’t encrypted is available to you.
      If they use strong encryption, add keyboard sniffer… free from web!!!
      repeat later and find their up to 128 digit PGP passphrase and you have everything.
      Really nothing is safe if it is on a PC and you can get physical access to it.
      The ultimate that I have had to do.
      Remove the HD, stick it in my triple booot pcs
      hd2 caddy, and then burn everything to cds or dvds.
      I built the PC for “data recovery.”
      For around ?12 also buy a laptop HD to Desktop PC data cable “bodge piece” and you can recover data from most laptops also.

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        Computer Coma

        by kbyrom ·

        In reply to What other hacks have you had 2 do?

        I’ve had many dealings with computers that were set to go into suspend or “sleep” mode from within the windows operating system. The computer would go to sleep, but when the customer would attempt to “Wake” it up by pressing the power switch, the computer would just sit there without doing anything.
        For whatever reason, some computers will go into a “Computerized Coma” when they switch into suspend or sleep mode. It basically goes brain dead for some reason, and pulling the power cable, reconnecting it and pressing the power switch does no good.
        You can recover from this problem by simply resetting the CMOS, and it takes about two minutes to open the case, move the battery jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS, then move it back to normal position and fire up the machine.
        After this you have to enter the BIOS and re-set all your entries for proper operation of the system.
        I hope this may help someone who has been having a similar problem.

        Kevin Byrom

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        I have used many hacks

        by dean ·

        In reply to What other hacks have you had 2 do?

        I have had to resort to sam crackers, using the login.scr to obtain a command prompt with administrator rights to use the net user x ***** trick. Used Knoppix to get data off. If i come accross a password protected startup. I flip the jumper. Network. Believe it or not i changed my password so a helper could help install software on our machines. and forgot it. Used a brute force program and ran a dictionary attack as I had set it to a word for him to use. Just to name a few of the hacks I use

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          How to acquire software

          by enakjr ·

          In reply to I have used many hacks

          The software you spoke of?. Knoppix & sam cracker?. Please reply. Thank you for your time.

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          by kiltie ·

          In reply to How to acquire software

          Knoppix is a Linux OS, a sam cracker is either a military weapon or a firecracker…..

          I lie a little, it is a password cracker.

          I had a feeling that this thread might draw out people wanting to hack/crack their way into things, I was wondering when some would ask.

          There are ways, but we usually keep tight lipped about them, as many requests for such knowledge are based on illegal intentions.

          I am not saying that yours are, just that many are, so we are wary.


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      by tecneco ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password

      Mi dai questo programma ?

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      by shinoytm12 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Bypass the BIOS password

      Uts very useful site

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