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DOWNLOA Clean up your machine with the help of Degunking Windows

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Degunking Windows

by lsinger In reply to DOWNLOAD: Clean up your m ...

Where can this book be bought and how mch?

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Link to the book's catalog page

by JodyGilbert In reply to Degunking Windows

You can get the scoop on this book here:

Looks like it lists for $24.99.

Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic Downloads Team

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Mother, God, and Apple Pie

by grbernard In reply to DOWNLOAD: Clean up your m ...

I am a long way from a Windows wizard, and maybe I'm over critical, but my reaction is utter disappointment.
A 13 page PDF that does a very nice soft-shoe but gives me no information.
With a little luck the follow-on articles will contain some meat.

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Amen to that

by opatzg In reply to Mother, God, and Apple Pi ...

talk about hook line and sinker, I think I swallowed the boat too. I was expecting some hint or directory list and found nothing in the entire PDF. All the points made of recognizing gunk was good. But what good is a computer if it can't handle 2000 songs in media player, a desktop covered with one click jumps, a start menu with all the programs you want and need. I built my wife a half terrabyte system and she still has space issues because everything you ever get wants to install on c: or puts temporary files on c: even if you install to another drive.
I'm currently on the verge of backup to dvd and format to get good functionality back. I wish backups were more affordable and less time consuming, I'm considering usb drives in the future to do backups to make restores easier and have more data at hand. But even if you relaod and then reinstall software, it doesn't bring back its lists of what you created if the software keeps a list within itself and you don't overwrite all the files you just installed and how well does that work with dll's? not.... PC's are so much faster and powerful than back inthe DOS and win3.1 years, why do we have no more programs available now that we use than back then and have worse problems now with our pc's??? What does it take to handle all the bloatware in applications and to handle all the programs we want to use whenever we want to use them????

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space fix

by apotheon In reply to Amen to that

There are a couple (not so) simple ways around that problem that come to mind:

1. Set up a RAID with striping that treats multiple hard drives as one single hard drive. To be done "right", this would require buying hardware that supports RAID configuration, though it can also be accomplished through the use of a software-only RAID controller. Software RAIDs are the stuff nightmares are made of, though, so good luck with that one.

2. Use a different OS. Any unixy OS, for instance, allows you to mount other partitions (such as another hard drive formatted with a single partition) within the filesystem transparently (to the end user). If you really want to, you can make any part of your filesystem actually reside on a separate hard drive. There's also the happy side-effect that logfiles, caches, and temp files tend to take up significantly less space with most other OSes. For further fun, you can combine a RAID with an OS other than Windows.

There's not much to be done for your particular issue with Windows. You'd basically just have to "train" your end user to manage drive use better.

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Well stated

by paule4 In reply to Mother, God, and Apple Pi ...

I also think the article was a waste of my time. This is TECH Republic, right? Most of us are not novices, many of us are high level professionals. As such we expect no less than a brief outline from the author as to "how to do the debunking". (I also consider it a waste of my (our) limited time to make this comment - on Tech Republic no less - who often seems more interested in selling books, raising revenue, than providing useful, needed tech info.)

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Effective use of white space

by BillSpees In reply to Mother, God, and Apple Pi ...

Jeff Duntemann is one of my long-time favorite tech writers, but I agree that this chapter lacks any practical value. Where's the beef?

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Where's the beef?

by ServiceTech In reply to Mother, God, and Apple Pi ...

Totally useless article. It does nothing to help anyone do anything.

"provides an outline of cleanup and maintenance strategies" Where?

What a waste of time.

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waste of time

by Lee F. In reply to DOWNLOAD: Clean up your m ...

please don't gunk up my machine with waste of time downloads that don't contain even one useful thing. This same info could've been printed on the intro page -- forget about the pdf unless it contains something that is actually handy

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What a Waste...

by daraval In reply to DOWNLOAD: Clean up your m ...

Why you guys put such kind of waste on Net and that also in download section which gives no information but itself is Gunk....

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