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DOWNLOA Creating and distributing custom Outlook forms

By JodyGilbert ·
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After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Can't dowwnload it

by asjeff In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

I get a page not found error. Is this happening to anyone else?

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me too

by jkendrick75 In reply to Can't dowwnload it

i cant get it either, i am getting a\.... for the screen address.

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HTTP 404 error

by Leith In reply to Can't dowwnload it

Every way I try to get it, I run into a HTTP 404 Page Not Found error.

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No worries

by CarterMofGurnee In reply to Can't dowwnload it

Downloaded with no problems

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Could not download

by rdymalsk In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

All I got after many tries was the PAGE NOT FOUND

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Working now...

by JodyGilbert In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

Sorry for the problems with the download -- apparent publisher glitch. Please let us know if it still gives you trouble.

Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic Downloads Team

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Outlook 2003 Type Forms

by Aakash Shah In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

This article is a very useful article. However, is there any way to design forms that resemble the Outlook 2003 feel? For example, the contact form that is designed in the tutorial resembles the Office XP forms rather than the the Office 2003 forms. Any idea on where I can find the Outlook 2003 forms to modify?

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Can you print these forms, once created?

by jastaylor In reply to Outlook 2003 Type Forms

A few years ago I created some Outlook forms, but then found there was no way to print the forms and their entered data. Which made the forms useless. Is there any way to print these forms with their data today? If so I would like to know the method. Thanks.

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Form ICON in Outlook Email

by telephony_junky In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

Does anyone have experience customizing forms for Outlook and know how one goes about modifying the default ICON for emails? Occasionally I get an email in my inbox that uses a custom ICON and I'd love to know how to send emails using a form that would show a custom icon in the receivers' inbox. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Great Information. How can I deploy just the .OFT file?

by cbrewer In reply to DOWNLOAD: Creating and di ...

This was good information. Luckily, the UI of forms creation is pretty easy to understand. What is somewhat more mystical, is how can one deploy just the .oft file to a shared file system, then launch the form from a hyper-link on a web page? That would be really cool.

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