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DOWNLOA Demystifying the Linux operating system

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·

Have you switched to Linux recently? Have you tried Linux, but still consider yourself in transition? Share what you have learned about Linux.

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by Raven2 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Demystifying th ...

I am getting some expert advice and will choose a distro soon. I will post my experiences here.

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So far ???

by Raven2 In reply to Soon

I am trying out Lunar Linux - a version of Sorcer
The old Redhat 5.1 was not very usable on my old computers. 486s. I will get a PIII working soon.

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by Raven2 In reply to Soon

Linux likes memory. 128 seems to be min

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Switched Fall 2003

by lordshipmayhem In reply to DOWNLOAD: Demystifying th ...

I learned that it helps to have someone who knows Linux or Unix available.

I learned to RTFM.

I learned to check hardware compatibility.

I learned I could actually install this at least as easily, indeed more easily, than upgrading from Win98 to WinXP

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The alternative

by RR1 In reply to Switched Fall 2003

Yes I have linux on my box and that is the SuSE flavor 9.3 pro. The turnover was somewhat uncomfortable. But to my luck I had two hardisk in my box. The Windows on primary controller and the second harddisk on secondary. There is just one thing I learnt the hard way, and that is Do Not Make a Bootup from linux to your C: or Windows mbr. If you want things to run smoothly then make a start up disk for linux. Second hold on to your windows for multimedia purposes. Until you get a grip on how to use the multimedia tools in linux. ( I am still trying to get my DVB working a regular house anntena) But I am not giving up until it works. Then I will send my know how and results to linux to be tested and opened to other users of the same problem. Or may be by that time it will not be a problem anymore ;-)

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Dual boot - Tri boot - Quad boot

by Tux_2001 In reply to The alternative

I have Windows, and 3 different Linux's all on the same hard drive, and it all runs quite smoothly. You do not need any "startup disks".

Most newer versions of Linux use GRUB (Grand Unified Boot Loader). If you want to dual boot with Windows, then Windows MUST be installed first, and Linux second. During the Linux install, allow GRUB to be installed in the MBR. You can then use GRUB to boot either Windows or Linux.

I use a 3rd party boot loader (Acronis OS Selector) because I find it easier to manage more than 2 OS's.

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by Jaqui In reply to DOWNLOAD: Demystifying th ...

it's been almost 8 years since I switched.

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web browser in linux

by nilloheet In reply to DOWNLOAD: Demystifying th ...

i have loaded linux 4.0 in my pc has configured the ip addresses and got a web browser.but when i am entering an url the window oppens but i am not getting the view of the site.also i cannot interact with.there comes a blank window with files,links etc.this is the first time i am working with linux so do not know much about it.

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Ubuntu and ATI X700 Video

by Wayne.Murphy.ctr In reply to DOWNLOAD: Demystifying th ...

Is there anyone who is using the Radeon X700 by ATI and Ubuntu 7 Fiesty fawn. It seams the driver from ATI doesn't work correctly.

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