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    DOWNLOAD: Develop your personnel management skills


    by jodygilbert ·

    After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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      We don’t need more good managers…

      by d_g_l_s ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Develop your personnel management skills

      We need to develop ourselves into leaders who can be trusted and followed as we lead and forge our way through the minefields of life. Yes, this does apply at the work place, since it is part of life. We are hearing more again about soft skills as opposed to hard skills. Hard skills almost anyone can learn, but soft skills are to be learned by everyone as they pertain to all of us. Why else are people hired for more than just their certificates and training? Employers may not always know that it is a soft skill by name, but the fact that experience is considered so highly should say alot for this issue.

      I have personally watched both sides of this coin. It’s so much easier and enjoyable to follow a leader than a manager. There are resources available to us more and more on this topic of leadership and personal development to the point that there should be no excuse for us not to research it more and plumb it’s resourses. Time-Warner press has just released a best selling book that has already taken the market by storm and is leading the business books sold. The book, Launching a Leadership Revolution, by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, espouses such skills as not managing your strengths but instead building up your weaknesses and thus lifting yourself to a new level of leadership that others want to follow and emulate.

      Here’s to more leaders!
      Doug Warkentin

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      Becoming an Effective Manager

      by lbdyck ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Develop your personnel management skills

      To become an effective manager requires time and commitment to learning the mechanics of being a manager. A great website to start with (after reading this article) is to go to and join This site is run by two gentlemen who know how to communicate, who know management, and have a desire to share what they know. They offer *free* weekly podcasts on various topics of management. They have a *free* members only area where you can join discussions and also receive a monthly members only podcast. If you need more they have a annual subscription that provides copies of show transcripts and short presentations on each topic.

      Check it out – it is well worth it but I warn you it can become a habit 🙂

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