Download disaster!

By Michaellmolnar ·
I was downloading one of your free downloads (something about speeding up my computer 3X) I think it was called "SPEED IT UP" and I had a spike and the computer re-booted and it appears when it was trying to start it gave me an error message that it lost my file. I only have my restore disks and NOT a copy of windows 98SE for my H.P and really DO NOT want to do a complete formatting and lose YEARS of data, information and pictures! . I am pretty much stuck at a DOS prompt...........Any suggestions to get my computer back up and running again?
The most recent message that is on my screen is "Type the name of the Command Interpreter(e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)"

Thanks for your help! I can be reach at

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Let me guess You have never made a back up?

by zlitocook In reply to Download disaster!

Buy a Windows 98 CD on EBay or other places. With the CD you can restore your computer to running condition in a short time. Just pop in the CD and reboot, follow the prompts and it will fix most things. If not try this.

You can use a live CD to access your drive and copy it to, a USB device but with win98 if you have never used one this will not work. With the live CD you can copy to another drive, add a drive to your computer by buying a small size hard drive and slaving it in. Be sure you change the jumper on it; most drive's are set up as master.
Once your bios recognizes the new drive, when your computer boots up you will see what your computer see's and if the new drive is not there then the jumper is not set right.
Now boot to the live CD and move your documents and files to the drive. And do a restore, and then you can move your files back to your hard drive.

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You forgot to warn this person that they'll

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Let me guess You have nev ...

Need to run FDISK to prepare the drive and then Format on the new HDD after BIOS sees it, before attempting to run from a Live CD.

They will need their Win 98 Boot Floppy that they should have. and when formatting the HDD initially I would recommend disconnecting the original HDD before you even run the Format option as you don't want to wipe your main Data Drive.


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Thanks Hal

by zlitocook In reply to You forgot to warn this p ...

I always assume that people have read and are up to date on things.

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I made that mistake as well recently

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks Hal

I told someone to boot an XP machine into Safe Mode and they thought that it meant that they where safe to do as they pleased so they got on line and started to download stuff and got hit by several infections.

This all seems to have happened since the site revamp so I'll say no more. :)


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There are a couple of options available to you here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Download disaster!

If you have never backed up your Data I wouldn't even begin to muck around with this drive and attempt to repair it as you have way too much to loose.

I would suggest removing this HDD fitting it to a USB Caddy and then connecting it to another computer that can read your File Allocation Table and saving your data to another HDD. CD/DVD or whatever you have available. The HDD is the better option particularly if you have pictures as on a CD or DVD you'll start to loose clarity after a few years.

Once you have your data saved you can rebuild your Windows OS from the Recovery CD that you have. You may even be able to run the repair option but before you even attempt to do anything I would save all your data first as it's going to cost you far more to recover it if you mess up an attempt to rebuild Win 98 than it is going to cost you to pull the HDD and do the job properly in the first place.

If you are stuck at the DOS Prompt what is it A:> or C:> and can you change it to the C:> and then type in DIR/W to see a complete list of the contents of the HDD?

If you can do this it's possible that you could copy the missing or corrupt file into the Windows Directory from another Win 98 Computer.


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