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DOWNLOA Explore the possibilities of Linux networking

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·

Obviously, the download associated with this discussion thread merely scratches the surface of Linux networking configurations and features. What specific topics regarding Linux networking services would you like to see addressed in future downloads?

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A related topic

by jmgarvin In reply to DOWNLOAD: Explore the pos ...

How about a quick guide to snort, nmap basics, BIND, mail server (sendmail, qmail, whatever), and "securing" NFS?

Great guide though! Thanks!

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by apotheon In reply to A related topic

That's a great list of possible future topics.

Something else that springs immediately to mind for me is an in-depth look at how LDAP can be used to increase network security characteristics and simplify central management of a network.

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by jmgarvin In reply to absolutely

I'm slowly (life keeps getting in the way) creating a blog of common Linux security "stuff."

I'm starting with IPtables and working towards advanced stuff like LDAP and PAM.

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by apotheon In reply to YES!

I'll look forward to it.

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by tlandmesser In reply to DOWNLOAD: Explore the pos ...

Great article. Among the hundreds of utilities out there to configure Linux, the best imo is webmin. Simply install the RPM and point your browser to http://computername:10000. No reboot necessary. Webmin can be found here

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Where is...

by WillieDTOP In reply to DOWNLOAD: Explore the pos ...

Where is Figure A (Main windows tool with four tabs) as it says on page 2? The figure on page 3 doesn't follow the discussion on the page.

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by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Where is...

There is a update transition error - I'll correct it. Good eyes - thanks.

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Very good article

by stress junkie In reply to DOWNLOAD: Explore the pos ...

Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure it will be useful as a reference.

Like other posts, I would like to see other networking tools listed with a summary of their capabilities, syntax, and configuration files, just like this document. One of the difficult things about using Linux is that you don't always know what various installed applications do. At least if I see that nmap, for instance, is a network accessibility tool useful for hardening Linux network services then I don't have to wonder what it is when I see it listed as an executable in my system directories. If the same document listed nessus as a GUI front end for nmap then I'd know that I should probably download nessus when I want to learn about nmap.

So the style and content of this article are very good. I hope that you will carry this style into developing more documents.

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