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By pabco33 ·
I want to reformat a hard drive on a computer, but I don't have a copy of XP PRO on CD. I have the license key that is a valid key. Is there a way to download XP Pro and use the key that is on the computer? If not, is there a way to truly clean up the computer to get all unwanted programs and such off of it?

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No Legal Download

by TheChas In reply to Download for XP Pro

There is no legal download for the Windows XP installation disk.

Further, you need the correct build that matches your product key in order to install XP.

If this is a name brand system, look for the hidden restore or recovery partition partition on the hard drive. Most manufactures post recovery instructions on their web sites.

For cleaning up your hard drive, start with the Add/Remove programs menu in Control Panel. Or, the Start Menu list for the program may include an uninstall.

Once you have removed all the programs you want to, download and run ccleaner.

If your problem is spy-ware and other mal-ware, also give SpyBot Search and Destroy a try.

It will not be as good as a clean drive, but it will be a lot better.


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by PurpleSkys In reply to No Legal Download

ccleaner to the list as well...a great little tool for cleaning up your cookies and temp files

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or the Recovery Disk Creator utility

by 1bn0 In reply to No Legal Download

Some brand name computers include a utility to create the factory recovery disks.
Toshiba and Acer do this. IBM used to as well.

I always create them for my clients when setting up a new computer. You never know when you're going to need them.

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XP Pro download

by Nimmo In reply to Download for XP Pro

Unless your a Microsoft partner you wont be able to download a copy, is your PC from a vendor such as HP or Dell.

Some of these PC come with a recovery partition which you can boot into during POST.

If it does you'll want to backup all your personal data before you run it, otherwise your going to loose all your data.

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Type of computer

by pabco33 In reply to XP Pro download

Thanks everyone for your quick responses. It is a Gateway computer. I am going to do a cleanup, but I was just hoping to start fresh. Wish I could find the orginal disks!

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contact gateway

by shasca In reply to Type of computer

They will provide replacement media for a nominal fee.

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XP Pro legal

by Daz'n'Ash In reply to XP Pro download

If you know someone who has a legal copy of XP Pro, you can borrow it to install on your computer, but in order for it to be made legal for you, download a key finder program that enables you to change the product key to the one that is registered to you.

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Shouldn't need a key finder

by Nimmo In reply to XP Pro legal

If he has a legit key he can just use that during the install.

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Vendor's recovery disk

by M@gnesium In reply to Shouldn't need a key find ...

I think if the OS came installed on the laptop, he will not be able to reinstall it without the recovery partition or recovery disks. The key will be specific to the version on the disk and a Microsoft Windows XP disc will not work.
You may be able to get discs mailed to you by the vendor. They may charge you for postage but mostly the discs themselves are free.

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Re: recovery disks

by Nimmo In reply to Vendor's recovery disk

If it's a machine from HP they do charge a small fee for the disks not sure how much though, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

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