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DOWNLOA Join a domain during Windows logon using a VPN client

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
You have remote users who rarely, if ever, visit an office, and connect almost exclusively through a VPN. The VPN connection isn't a significant support headache except when you need network access during Windows logon. For example, when creating a local account profile or changing a user's domain password.

This handy, one-page task sheet shows you how to achieve VPN connectivity during Windows logon using Microsoft's, Cisco?s and Checkpoint?s VPN clients. The process is designed for Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional.

Download and review the task sheet:

Then, join the ongoing discussion of this download and let us know if this download provided helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's content or format.

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Will send to 2 remote users

by NI70 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

I'm definitely going to send this to two remote users to see if this will work! I'll keep you posted!

EDIT: Is it safe to assume this will work with Win XP Pro?

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seems it doesn't work

by emporio In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

I tried it and it doesn't work,portion of it.

Even before i was able to remove/add workstations from domain via VPN but i never was able to log in if workstation didn't have cashed user credentials.

In our network we are using Cisco VPN, and when i reboot laptop VPN client is started, enter user credentials for VPN ( same as network credentials) and i connect fine, but then on windows log on screen when i enter user name and password i get: Windows can not connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailble, or because your computer account is not found.
interesting part is when i enter wrong password i get error message saying : make sure user name and password are correct....

any ideas???

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my bad

by emporio In reply to seems it doesn't work

my bad, there was something wrong with my workstation. i coudn't even log in when i was connected locally to LAN. I removed it from domain readded and it worked like a charm :)

great post.

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Nortel's Client?

by #1 Kenster In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

We use Nortel Networks Contivity Client 4.65 at my workplace. Almost all client machines are Windows 2000. Is there any chance that this could work with Nortel's Client? Thanks

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Vista VPN domain logon

by jdebiasse In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

I would like to connect (for the first time as this user) to an SBS2003 server domain from a Vista Ultimate PC. I am familiar with using the dial-up option for VPN access at domain logon for Windows XP, however I need to make this work via Vista and I can't find any option to allow this...Anyone have any ideas?

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Vista VPN domain logon solution

by jdebiasse In reply to Vista VPN domain logon

In Vista there is no "Logon using dial-up networking" option (Or at least I can't find it) instead the "trick" is to create a VPN connection, dial-up to your company domain, join the domain, reboot and then logon with the local user. Then dial-up to your VPN connection again and select the padlock icon, use "Switch User" (While keeping your VPN connection open!) and now logon to your domain with the new domain account user.

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SonicWall VPN client Instructions?

by bcurran In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

Has any one had any success or experience logging in to a domain using the SonicWall Group VPN client software?

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Sonicwall VPN Client Instructions?

by bredfearn In reply to SonicWall VPN client Inst ...

I am also hoping someone has a suggestions for Sonicwall VNP client.....

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it works ....

by chosen_sudwith In reply to DOWNLOAD: Join a domain d ...

I managed to join a domail via VPN connection. I connected the pc to our network (not the applicable domain,connected for internet connection) The pc is running Windows XP service pack 3. Target domain Ran from a Windows small business server 2003 R2.

Firstly i created a vpn connection and connected to test. then joint the domain. After restarting i ticked the checkbox 'log on using dail up connection' filled in the information.then a window came up where i chose the vpn as a connection with the applicable username and password.
It connected and i logged in on the domain.

I dont think this will work with a dail up modem , due to the fact that you will need a online connection already for the VPN to connect on.

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