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DOWNLOA Learn when and how to report computer crime

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
As good citizens, IT professionals should report computer crimes to the proper authorities. If you're organization is like many IT departments, the staff might not be sure exactly which activities that they observe are illegal, which should be reported, and to whom they should report.

This easy-to-use presentation helps them make that decision with confidence. It describes ten potentially-reportable activities and groups them into three categories: activities you should not report, activities you may report, and activities you should always report. The presentation also provides contact information for the law enforcement agencies that investigate computer crime.

Download and review the presentation:

Then, join the ongoing discussion of this download and share your experiences detecting and reporting computer crime. Also, let us know if our "Learn when and how to report computer crime" presentation provided helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the document's format.

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Legal & not legal crime.

by GrosserGnu In reply to DOWNLOAD: Learn when and ...

Hello Detwiler,

All this is very good, except for that in the US some organizations consider bending the law some is acceptable, and may be even dune by the police, if you by this might catch some to what the police might think is some ongoing criminal activity.

The President of the United States is doing it, and no one in these organizations performing his orders have any second thought that some might bee wrong here. Do we have the full legal back-up to perform this order, or not? A simple question to bee asked by any senior officer who is supposed to know the law before his starts doing what he has been ordered to do. Or do he belive that since he has been ordered to perform this act, then he has no responsibility whatever for what he is doing? None at all?? So he is happy go lucky!??

A criminal activity is not excused simply by the fact that it has been ordered by the President, is it?

Then there is this "resource thing". Some crime reported is not taken care of. If a hacker enters a defense system computer, then the whole world **** brake loose, and any police organization is hunting this hacker down within 6 months.

If Mme "Dolly Smith" get a "Nigeria" letter and looses all her life savings, the same organizations out of a sudden have resource trouble.
Not to mention that I suspect many of these so called "Nigeria" letters are being produced by the same organizations that are supposed to defend the uphold of the law. All this since in the US these organizations call this activity as "under cover".

To know who is who, and why, and for what purpose, might not bee a easy task for anyone to solve as long as these double activities are going on and are recognized as legal means to fight criminal acts.

If it would have been otherwise, then these "Nigeria" letters and other herewith related activities would have been whipped out a long time ago, with all this electronic surveillance that is taking place right now.

I have been getting these "Nigeria" letters, and "Lottery" letters and whatever you might think of, in 4 years time. Reported them to the CIA and FBI and they are still coming.
You know what? I think it is them sending this stuff out!
Why I think so? Since one, this bending of the law and they are looking where ever there might bee someone stupid enough to belive in this nonsense, secondly, if these "letters" were aimed at US administration departments or US military, then they would have been stopped within 6 months, all of them.
There are some 38.000 such events reported each year. Add kindly to this all the rest, as scams, attacks against banks, credit card fraud, identity theft, and so on.

Some people who has sworn to uphold the law are then the same braking it, as soon as a President is saying so. So now we have two types of criminal activity, the "legal" one and then the not legal one.
Now, who is who????
And to whom do I report this with my full confidence???

I am sorry, but I think police should bee police, and not try to act in any other way, or they will not bee considered as trustworthy.
Presidents should not give such orders, knowing better, or at least having advisers knowing better (that is what they get paid for - right?).

So where do all this leave all the rest of us? Whom would you trust?

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