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DOWNLOA Monitor power consumption calculator

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
With decreased power requirements and falling prices, desktop LCD monitors can prove more cost effective than traditional CRTs. Even if new monitors aren't in your budget, your organization should, utilize your monitors' power saving features.

Our Monitor power consumption calculator allows you to compare the cost of power consumption between seven different monitors and two power usage scenarios.

Download and try this Excel tool:

Then, use this discussion to let us know if the Monitor power consumption calculator provides helpful information and if there's anything we can do to improve the tool's format or content.

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No Calculator

by barkleyc In reply to DOWNLOAD: Monitor power c ...

All I got was the blurb about it in Excel. There was no attachment containing the calculator.

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Spreadsheet contains multiple worksheets

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to No Calculator

The Monitor Power Consumption Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. The first worksheet provides an introduction to and an explanation of how to use the calculator. The second worksheet (bottom tab) contains the actual calculator. The third worksheet contains links to other related newsletters, articles, and downloads.

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Air Conditioning Load?

by ClanGordon In reply to DOWNLOAD: Monitor power c ...

Its not just the power consumption of the monitor, what about all that extra AC? LCD panels run much cooler so require less AC to maintain the same inside air temperature.

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Power vs. Current

by palotta In reply to Air Conditioning Load?

The calculator does not take into account the conversion of monitor current ratings to power consumption. Some of the monitors we have, and specs available on the Web, give a current draw rating in Amps and not the power in Watts that is consumed by the device. The calculator should have fields to accomodate a power factor corrected current conversion to be truly useful.

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Excellent point!

by brian In reply to Air Conditioning Load?

An excellent point. It might be a bit difficult to quantify the exact savings you'd expect to see by reducing the AC requirement though. You may have to "fudge" it in the spreadsheet.

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Cash flow and Interest

by number15 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Monitor power c ...

If LCD price is twice of CRT then 19 inch LCD cost $300 and 19 inch CRT cost $150.

What would become of the 150 difference in 5 years if we put it instead in 5 years bond or stuff like it? At a rate of 5% interest we would've made $25 at local bank in 5 years.

What if a company bought 10 monitors each year? That company would be short of $1500 that year.

PS: I would still buy the LCD because of the moral boost and eye strain reduction.

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