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Download our analysis of Oracle's latest object database features

By ivan.belis@realsoftware ·

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Database design and performance


During design of new databases i would like to use the object oriented features, but i am a bit concerned about the performance penalties.

Should i model the tables so that relational access is still posible ? I then could use the speedand freedom of the relational model when querying large tables. Still when accessing singular objects the join complexity could be avoided.
Of course i would still need to define the foreign keys in all tables...

By the way, why did the relational databases have an advantage over the older hierarchical databases ?



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Have you tried it out?

by joy.sheldon In reply to Database design and perfo ...

Object orientation requires that you understand the business problem you are attempting to solve. If you are uncertain as to the utility of the area that you are working on and know only that you are dealing with large tables (larger than 1GB) I would utilize partitioning with all its flexible indexing options. Performance in this case ROCKS! In terms of "either or" it's not like you have to "pick one"....You can design the database using both modelling techniques....they can happily co-exist. The key to performance with Oracle is utilizing it's power....use PL/SQL in your data manipulation. Without knowing more details it's difficult to add much more...

Good luck

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OODB for newbies

by r.rectenwald In reply to Download our analysis of ...

I found the article interesting and being new to OODB design, I tried out some of the examples. Sure wish they were complete and would have worked as written. I read through the Oracle docs and finally did manage to work through the various conceptsbut it shouldn't have been that hard.

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