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DOWNLOA Project risk factors checklist

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Not bad, not bad

by amcol In reply to DOWNLOAD: Project risk fa ...

Not good, not good. But not bad. And to be fair...more good than bad.

The first section could be improved by adding in some guidance as to how to measure risk, rather than simply asking for a risk measurement. On what criteria should risk be based? How can each of those criteria be quantified? How will risk factor measurement change over time, and how should this be factored in to the overall riak assessment?

The second section is good. I like the list of possible remediations associated with each problem area.

This stuff is right out of the PMBOK so it's hard to argue with it, and I've seen it in one form or another in Six Sigma programs at two separate companies, at least.

My objection to it is the same one I always have when TR puts out this kind of material...there's no attempt to define the potential audience. Rather, the material is offered as a general purpose tool and left up to the reader to decide on value. TR would better serve its user community if it would provided guidance as to who would find each of its offerings useful, as is done for example at industry convocations where different "tracks"...entry level, professional, managerial, end user, etc...are defined.

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Expecting Too Much?

by trl In reply to Not bad, not bad

Well, this is a checklist, not an "Introduction to Modern Risk Management Techniques in Information Technology Implementations" or some such. It doesn't ask for a "risk measurement" so much as "risk identification".

This said, you're absolutely correct that the risks identified have to be quantified somehow, as with an EMV calculation/estimate/SWAG and a corresponding schedule impact SWAG. But even this is kinda useless without a Monte Carlo simulation to get a handle on "Expected Deviation From Ideal". This is less commonly done than called-for.

One thing I especially like in the second part are the no-go reccommendations. Reminds me of Edgar Dijkstra's dictum "If you don't know what your
program is supposed to do, you'd better not start writing it".

I like your "track" idea for TR...


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Good Resource

by giri_aqua In reply to DOWNLOAD: Project risk fa ...

Quite handy document, will try to offer some changes

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