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DOWNLOA Remote control tools

By JodyGilbert ·

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loox good

by advancedgeek In reply to DOWNLOAD: Remote control ...

I like VNC too (the price is right), and I really like dameware as well.

It looks like you left SMS out has remote possibilities (plus a lot more), and probably would have been in my top5.

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Another web-based solution

by wkgraham In reply to DOWNLOAD: Remote control ...

Another web-based remote-control tool is LogMeIn, at Priced like GoToMyPC, but with a free option for screen control only (free is good). I found it works well with I.E. 6, not quite as well with Firefox 1.0. Convenient for short term needs when working with out-of-town customers.

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Careful about what doors you open

by ken lillemo In reply to DOWNLOAD: Remote control ...

One of the most important considerations in selecting a remote control application is how the the traffic between systems is encrypted. Without good encryption of the data stream as well as the sign-on authentication you have opened a big door for others to access your system. I found Remote Admin to have good encryption of the sign-on and data stream. I have not evaluated the other suggested products but you should before selecting a solution.

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RAdmin development

by RalphY123 In reply to Careful about what doors ...

Recently McAfee & Symantec's new virus engines are detecting RAdmin and certain dlls as a virus. As a consequence, they either quarantine or delete them. It also stops the service from starting as well.

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vnc via ssh tunnelling

by eldergabriel In reply to Careful about what doors ...

A simple way of vastly enhancing the security of VNC remote access is to tunnel it through an SSH session. SSH not only offers industrial-strength encryption, but compression, file transfer, and remote command-line interface capabilities as well. Go look at, or do a search on the web for vnc ssh tunnelling.

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openssh link

by eldergabriel In reply to vnc via ssh tunnelling

Stupid form interface doesn't know how to separate a comma from a URL:

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by deepsand In reply to DOWNLOAD: Remote control ...

Webex offers WebEx Support Center (for use with attended machines), WebEx SMARTtech (for use with unattended machines), and most recently, MyWebEx PC (similar to GoToMyPC).

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NetSupport Manager

by rahjr2006 In reply to WebEx

I am surprised that NetSupport Manager is not on the list. It is an application most similar to NetOp, is consistently rated at the top of its class, has multiple levels of security, and has a unique cumulative licensing model. We have used it for several years for remote clients all over the country and it works flawlessly.

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by kkodi In reply to NetSupport Manager

Cool - I used Ateliar and it is really good - no software to install on well.

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Selection criteria?

by deepsand In reply to NetSupport Manager

Upon revisiting the list, it seems that enterprise scale products may have either been overlooked, or deliberately excluded.

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