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DOWNLOA Seven warning signs that you should turn down a job offer

By JodyGilbert ·

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Another exercise in negativism

by amcol In reply to DOWNLOAD: Seven warning s ...

This is a nit I'm getting tired of picking, but I really don't get TR's chronic insistence on portraying almost everything from the negative perspective. It's not your fault this particular author chose to write in this fashion, but I'm sure you have some way of finding writers who have a different point of view.

Case in's my quick rewrite just of the seven basic points, which I'd retitle "Seven positive signs that you should accept a job offer":

1. The employer provides a written offer of employment.

2. You believe strongly in the company's mission.

3. Turnover in this particular position is low.

4. The interviewer has realistic expectations about your abilities.

5. The company's goals mesh with your own.

6. The salary offered is in line with other positions in the region and industry.

7. The job is a step forward and has clear advancement opportunities.

That wasn't too hard, was it? We're all adults and professionals (ostensibly) so we can figure out for ourselves what the other side of this coin would be. I'm not advocating we look at the world through rose colored glasses, but I have a problem with the constant stream of depressing negativism most of your contributing authors portray.

It's so depressing I'm getting depressed at being so depressed. Where's my Paxil?

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Another exercise in POV

by Too Old For IT In reply to Another exercise in negat ...

Not 100% sure, but TR's (writers/editors) point of view could be from the geek who is working in the trenches and not in the executive suite of the administration building on the corporate HQ campus. At least it seems so.

Either place tends to give one a rather insulated view of the rest of the industry, which as has been mentioned before, is more often an integral part of some other business enterprise rather than "pure IT".

(Did any "pure-play" IT companies make it out of the dot-com bust?)

BTW, use Paxil-CR ... trust me on this one.

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Beware of Buzzwords and Misrepresented Positions

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Another exercise in negat ...

I can't beging to tell you how many times I have wasted my time going to ibterviews only to find that some moron in their HR dept had no clue about the position and simply threw out industry buzzwords, such as MCSE, A+, CCNA, CNE, etc. simply because they want somebody who is "certified" but have no clue about the ideal candidate for their position. Having a certs does mean squat these days, as I have worked with so called "MCSEs'" and other "certified" individuals who couldn't fix a stuck key on their keyboards if they had to. Another big thing to watch out for is what I call the "one man IT shop" position, in which they expect you to be a systems admin, pc repairman, programmer, WAN and telecomm guru, all for a bullcrap salary that would make most locksmiths laugh at you. It's out there, and these so called "technical recuiters" are pushing this crap to find gullible and naive individuals who would work themselves into an early grave for a peasly salary barely inline with market standards. Let those foreign H1-B morons work themselves like slaves, but as professionals and Americans, we should not settle for lower working standards or lower salaries when we are considered "professionals" in the industry.

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Another idea

by RknRlKid In reply to DOWNLOAD: Seven warning s ...

Maybe along with high job turnover could be

"Why has this position been vacant for so long?"

I have noticed that certain positions stay empty for a long time. When I read the job duties and found out the salary offered, I wasn't surprised! Some positions need the byline "Masochists only need apply."

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Stop the downloads!!!

by chriswfl In reply to DOWNLOAD: Seven warning s ...

Why can't this be a normal web page? Knock off the downloads.

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I agree with this completely!

by jetgirl_kj In reply to Stop the downloads!!!

I often find myself wanting to read an article, but turn it down if I have to download something.

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New state of the art Download technology

by Tenderfoot In reply to I agree with this complet ...

The download option avoids forcing those users with 9600 kbps modems who may not want to view the content from having to suffer through ...... Alright, why do they make us download the content?

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Some companies block downloads

by klempan In reply to Stop the downloads!!!

It takes special blessings to bypass the download restriction on our network. I'm finding it more valuable to read these comments than to actually bother with the downloads.

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Yes. Stop the download thing.

by pymendoza In reply to Stop the downloads!!!
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Oh My Gosh - YES YES YES

by radams36 In reply to Yes. Stop the download th ...

PLEEEEEASSSSEEE stop the necessity for downloading content like this. Not only is it extra steps (annoying), but if they are PDF's, they frequently lock up my web browser. If I load them into Acrobat Reader directly, they work OK, but the browser plug-in is MUCH more brittle and problematic.
Not only that, but the link to download this content is now broken, anyway.

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