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DOWNLOA Sidestep these five tech support time wasters

By JodyGilbert ·

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Don't forget....

by straightshooter In reply to DOWNLOAD: Sidestep these ...

One of the biggest problems I have as far as security is concerned, is the pesky "memory stick"! We have sales people travelling all over the world and putting stuff in a memory stick from who-knows-where. The first thing they do when they get back is (try to) plug it into a USB port.
Who needs a firewall when the attacker is already in?

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Get a clue.........

by Sysadmin/Babysitter In reply to DOWNLOAD: Sidestep these ...

This sounds like a typical "Mount Olympus" edict that comes from the "home office honcho" that has never been in the trenches.

The local manager often has the final say on what the tech actually is responsible for, with out regard to what the "home office honcho" dictates.

The local boss will often attempt (and possibly succeed) to fire a local tech that does not respond to their perceived "needs".

Living in the trenches often requires making multiple bosses happy, despite their disparate needs.

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