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DOWNLOA SLA for internal business units

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

--The TechRepublic Content Team

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Feedback - ITIL

by Vawns In reply to DOWNLOAD: SLA for interna ...

Hi Jody,

I think this is a really good starting point. I would also consider including the following:

DR KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
A corresponding OLA for the impacted support teams
A link to the CMDB to make sure that all CI attributes are updated.

Hope this helps,


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by norman.goswick In reply to DOWNLOAD: SLA for interna ...

I too am new in the position of Service Level Management. I have found there there is no standard to SLA's. There are amany different types. We have been working on a 1 page SLA that covers the basics. So far it has been well received.

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The basics are good, but communication is key.

by The Admiral In reply to SLA's

If you have a basic SLA that covers the basics and is overly broad, you could be thinking you are defining the white lines in the middle of the road, up until your worker bees get hit by the trucks that are on the road.

What I am saying is that you may have a basic SLA which is OK, and if that is the only stuff that is covered - both the users AND executives have to understand that anything that falls out of that is out of scope.

Our desktop support team is consistently being hit with requests to install servers. Their job is to ensure the desktops run, not the servers. That is my job. They don't like coming to me because if they can not use space on a server that is being utilized 10% of the time - they don't need one.

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Use ITIL best practice

by ITIL consultant In reply to The basics are good, but ...

The file is corrupt so I can't see what you have but I suggest you review ITIL's best practice for an SLA. You don't have to use every clause but it is a good checklist.

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internal sla

by wintoncape In reply to DOWNLOAD: SLA for interna ...

I tried to use the download link and the file is corrupt.

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I like it, But..

by dacook In reply to DOWNLOAD: SLA for interna ...

I think the general idea is good, it has a solid footing but, I have some questions about the details that each company might put into their individual sla's.

Maybe in appendix you could offer a few insights into what type of criteria you add in there?


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SLAs should be from a business point of view not IT's

by twohills In reply to DOWNLOAD: SLA for interna ...

The services you suggest in the SLA might be those an IT department provided to the business if the business were highly IT literate and independent of IT and had a poor perception of IT. If they treated IT as an ISP providing crude infrastructure and no more.

In general, I hope we work in IT departments that are more of an ASP: that provide managed applications to the business. In which case what you list are not services at all but technology layers that underpin the services.

Services should be as the business sees and consumes them: "what comes out of the pipe". e.g.
- communications (broken down into voice, email, voip ...)
- financials
- HR
- payroll
- inventory system
- desktop productivity tools
- desktop hardware management

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