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Download stops at 50Kb

By plg6 ·
I've been having a weird problem where a download say, of software from or, stops at 50Kb and just sits there. This happens no matter what browser I use, in normal XP mode or Safe Mode. I've seen a couple of references to this problem in a Google search, but no definitive solution, which is why I'm posting this here. Machines attempting to download are running Windows XP with SP3 applied, behind a Windows 2003 Server hosting the domain. I also tried rebooting the router, the switches, and the PC's multiple times, with no change. One thing I did notice, trying to load the file on both the server and the XP target machine is that the timestamp of the file is about 3 hours into the future. Is there a "bug" that won't allow a file "from the future" to be stored now?

I even tried a download accelerator from one of the machines and the last 4 segments of the file downloaded okay, but the first one got stuck at, yep, 49.6 Kb. Since it's happening on multiple machines, with multiple browsers, I don't think it's a disk-write permissions issue, but it would be nice to get this fixed!

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