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DOWNLOA The top ten peeves of a support tech

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by TonytheTiger In reply to DOWNLOAD: The top ten pee ...

After finding a problem, the user saying "No, that's not it."


After fixing something the user caused, and telling the user how to prevent it from happenning again, it happens again.

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Mixed feelings

by moonguppie In reply to

I have a part time residential and small business tech support business to help me gain experience (and money) while gaining certifications. I have had more than one client bring in their infested computer a second time. No matter how much I warn them verbally or in writting to either update their antivirus or OS they still looked stunned when I tell them the state of their system. It's frustrating but at the same time profitible.

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why don't you do it for them

by artcc In reply to Mixed feelings

I do the job full time , even though I'm retired. Why don't you try loading the free AV like AVG, and some of the anti-spy s/w for them and show them how to update and use them. It wins repeat customers and it is still profitable.and it doesn't take much extra time. After that... well... no pity

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well yes, but ...

by dustypenguin In reply to why don't you do it for t ...

fully 50% of the people I do this for STILL don't do it!!

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Free Client CD

by dannobyte In reply to why don't you do it for t ...

Every new client receives a free cd with some useful freeware onboard. Items such as Avast anti-virus, Adaware, Spybot S&D, Winzip, Adobe Reader, Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (email client), Spamfighter etc. I also include some text files with step by step instructions on how to perform various tasks. To fill up some space i'll add a few freeware games. For a small investment of my time in collecting this software and burning a cd I have clients who are impressed and who keep coming back.

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by flip-flop-flam In reply to Free Client CD

Or you could give them Google Pack CDs. You can burn them yourself or get a stack of them from Google directly for the same price as a blank CD.

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Happens again

by Cheesel In reply to

Yeah, but they call you days later when you have forgotten about their problem and simply say: "It is happening again!" Excuse me, but WHAT is happening again??


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Or worse yet.

by Jessie In reply to Happens again

They call you a week later saying it's happening again and they blame YOU for not fixing it right the first time!

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busy minds, rushin' fingers

by Deejay54 In reply to Happens again

My biggest annoyance is the call from the dept manager with a problem and I discover important icons gone, toolbars gone and all sorts of settings changed. I ask her how it happend and she has no idea. She keeps her door open most of the time, so I noticed that she plays with the mouse while talking on the phone.

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That's why

by IT 4 me 2 In reply to busy minds, rushin' finge ...

I lock their desktops down. I protect them from themselves to eliminate support costs.

I instruct all my techs to install software as only the administrator (so that it propogates to all users, but does not allow them to modify it). I make menus unchangeable, don't allow drag and drop from menus. i don't make users administrators, power users or anything unless I absolutely have to. Even with Autocad I found a way to prevent me from having to make them power or admins.

I lockdown IE security. Dont' install flash, quicktime or many other plugins. In fact, I don't even given them the IE menus.

Printer installation? They have to use the connect feature through internet explorer to connect to a networked printer. No adding printer drivers which cause tech support to take 4 hours trying to troubleshoot an intermittant issue

I lockdown desktops so that they can't change the backgrounds, hide icons in the control panel so that they can't get to ANYTHING they won't be able to fix themselves. And, at times, I have even locked down the desktop backdrop and any changes to that. Keep it CORPORATE!

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