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DOWNLOA Top 10 signs you're getting burned out on your support tech job

By JodyGilbert ·
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by piaqt In reply to DOWNLOAD: Top 10 signs yo ...

"...telling a user that his problem lies somewhere between the keyboard and the back of his chair might be a tip-off that you need a little rest."

Telling said user that's where his brains are is another.

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Acronym for telling the user where the problem lies

by PCSupportUK In reply to

Revieled to be
In between
Chair and

Other similar entries to the 15 pound lump hammer include:
Threatening IT equipment with a large screw driver, for some reason this regularly works with intermittent problems.
Advising the user to "accidentally" knock it out of the second floor window and claim on insurance.

I am now considered so far burnt out that I am practicing "would you like fries with that" on a daily basis.

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Don't forget

by noyoki In reply to Acronym for telling the u ...

to offer to up-size the meal!

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by dmarston In reply to Don't forget

Sounds like a PEBKAC (Peb-Kack) or I-D-10-T error to me!


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by dmarston In reply to Acronym for telling the u ...

So we all know the signs of stressing out, and we have all had our share of I-D-10-T errors... so Lets hear the other side.. What have you done to releive the stress?

Here is one of mine:
We run a system that allows us to push patches and software to individual computers on the network. soooo....
There was this one guy who lived in Dilbertville that was REALLY annoying, so I wrote a simple java app that rapidly flashed "PORN FREAK!" on the screen while blaring a siren noise. Then schedualed it to run once every 20 minutes!
It was a blast to listen to him try to explain that he had no idea how the "virus" infected his system, while turining bright red.

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And I THOUGHT I was 'off center'...ROTFLMFAO @ ya's

by btljooz In reply to Solutions?
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Isn't that #5 or #6?

by Senior Program Analyst In reply to Solutions?

when I read those two my first thought was:
I can't believe anyone would go that far

THEN I READ YOUR POST! - I think you have a
case of burn out based on #5/#6 in the list.

Maybe you should start practicing the "you want fries with that..." LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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ocronyms r us

by pingpong In reply to Acronym for telling the u ...

Don't forget PICNIC (problem in chair not in computer)

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Acronym other than ID10T

by techsharon In reply to Acronym for telling the u ...

I can tell I am on the edge of burn out when I tell a user it is most certaily an IUD (Incompetent User Delay) error. Lucky for me none of our clients have asked what is an IUD error and did that happen?

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New Acronym....

by James Speed In reply to

I guess i'm burnt out! My favorite reply to some users is that they have a PEBKAC (peb-kack) Error....

Problem Exist Between Keyboard A Chair...

If they laugh when i tell them that i throw the One D, Ten T error at them.... 1d10T

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