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    DOWNLOAD: Top 10 ways to avoid overspending on document output management


    by jodygilbert ·

    After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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      I needed this 6 months ago – where were you when I needed you?

      by joseph.newman ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Top 10 ways to avoid overspending on document output management

      My story is one of those ?It?s too late for me … save yourself? cases.

      Right after Christmas, we had 50 copiers nearly up for lease expiry when our copier guy started talking about the wonders of multifunctional copiers. It made sense at the time and we had to sign an agreement in a hurry because the leases almost expired.

      But, after reading the document, I?m angry and embarrassed. They never told us anything about the other stuff you wrote about. Today I tried to call the copier company and the guy is no longer there and nobody knows anything about how he came up with the magic numbers he used to show us how much money we were going to save.

      I have no doubt that we overspent and even worse, I walked around today and we still have all the old printers everywhere and no plans to remove them were ever discussed.

      I learned a painful lesson ? ouch. But, I will use your information to start preparing for the next time around and also start reducing the personal printers.



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      Digital Alternatives

      by kiltie ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Top 10 ways to avoid overspending on document output management

      I am sorry, but, to me, the whole “10 things” d/l reads like a sales/marketing pitch for Digital Alternatives Group, designed to get companies to hire them, to make savings.

      Many assumptions are made, the major one being that the reader is top management in a large company or corporation, very little effort is made to address the multitude of different business types and sizes.

      True, some good points are made, but also true is that many more points are glossed over or ignored.

      Better instead to have sent this out as a glossy through mail, than as a supposed technical article in TR.


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        I’m not top management !

        by tim.dillon ·

        In reply to Digital Alternatives

        My former company was in a situation where we were trying to reduce costs and were led to believe that the manufacturer’s expertise would help us. We ended up buying lots of new gear and nothing has changed. Except we have a bunch of new multi-functional devices and all the old gear. During the sales cycle we were shown a series of spread sheet showing savings but we have yet to see tangible savings. The important learning from this article (not glossed over)is to ensure that the bidding companies sharing their expertise at no charge so that you have confidence that the estimated savings are truly realized at project closure.


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      Never trust the salesman

      by pjboyles ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Top 10 ways to avoid overspending on document output management

      Take any numbers they give with a LARGE grain of salt. Then ask for a test unit and run your own test set until the toner is dry. Use sheets that provide standard sheet coverage and start the printing. Surprise on the real numbers for page per toner cartridge. Some companies are more acccurate than others on the true page per toner cartridge numbers.

      Many use numbers generated by “toner saver” mode settings as their comparison yardstick. They just forget to mention or berry that fact. I have yet to see any office where everyone (anyone?) prints in this way.

      Heck, we have enough trouble getting even 1/3 of the people to print in duplex mode! That is a real savings in just paper!

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