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DOWNLOA Use this action item log to keep project team meetings on task

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

--The TechRepublic Content Team

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by pwor In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this action ...

Too often people look at MSProject Gantt charts and switch off. This action item log is useful for weekly progress tracking as well as reminding people what their short term targets are.

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Why MS Word insted OpenDocument or PDF?

by xquery In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this action ...

i don`t have MS Word and when i open office docs from TR in Open Office 2.0 almost every time they little disordered. Can TR provide several versions of published document (at least Open Document Format & PDF, all Microsoft Documents types can be optional :)

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Cannot open document

by In reply to Why MS Word insted OpenDo ...

I've got Word XP and I still couldn't open the file, so I've no idea what it contains.

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E-mail copy

by JodyGilbert In reply to Cannot open document

Hmmm. This one was saved out using the hidden data filter (for backward compatibility with WinXP), so I'm not sure why it's acting up for you. If you want me to try e-mailing you a copy, feel free to drop me a note. Sorry for the problem.
--Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic Content Team

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Word 2002 SP3

by MWRose In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this action ...

Unable to download - crashes Word 2002 - download button does not even allow save of file and recover text - so what version of Word is necessary.

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RE: Word 2002 SP3

by DugaDugDug In reply to Word 2002 SP3

I was able to download it however when I go to open it states it should be opened read-only unless changes to it need to be resaved. Whether I click Yes or No it crashes Word. XP Pro SP2 workstation w/ most hotfixes.

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Word 2002

by hamild In reply to RE: Word 2002 SP3

I'm also using Word 2002 and get the same symptoms. I also note the same on some other recent TR downloads in Word (for example, Computer Skills Eval)

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can't open either

by flmagman In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this action ...

I'm interested in it, but can't open it. Get same errors as others using word 2002. If you could email it to me that would be great.

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Add rationale

by mayukawa In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this action ...

I also find it useful to include a 'rationale' entry for the action item.
Otherwise the activity output might not achieve the original intent. If there are alot of AI with a cross functional team this is even more useful.

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more room maybe

by midniteone In reply to Add rationale

just a couple of thoughts -

I agree that the rationale makes sense, also suggest that it might go to landscape not portrait. reason for saying that is that you need - well, I do - more space for notes/narrative at the end. that example of 'plan was updated' is a bit third hand passive - should maybe be (a) done (b) filed (c) advised other stakeholders 08/01/06 (d) review after 3 meetings

I'm always a bit iffy about priorities too -H/M/L basically means that 'L' won't get done.

also in terms of keeping work moving, I find numbers helpful otherwise you get an accumulating morass of 'M's clogging up everybody's to do lists.

each to their own, I guess!

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