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DOWNLOA Use this checklist to verify job skills and resume claims

By JodyGilbert ·

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Job skills and Resume

by stevenmd In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this checkl ...

You have to be sure it is HR that is performing the checks and balances in verifying education and calling on previous and/or current employers.

Be aware too, that some places of businesses now have rules regarding what types of information is allowed to be released and what is NEVER allowed.

Like someone at a company I once worked for and that company DID NOT ALLOW anyone to give a reference but has a policy that all calls for references were to be deferred to HR. That person always told me if a person was calling for a job reference and really LISTENED to what was being said it went like this "I would LOVE to give him/her a reference for you, but we are not allowed and you will need to contact our HR department at 555-5555" ... so if you were really listening, you would catch the 'I would love to' ...

Remember, a previous company can be sued for anyone who works there giving out information. The basics are to verify that a person worked the dates given in a resume and the position of the job they held. Income verification really needs to be only if the interviewee signs a release stating that a new company is allowed to asked any previous employer.

As for education verifying, the only things that can be checked are if the person attended and obtained said degree, if at all. GPA's, awares, etc., cannot be given unless a waiver has been signed and received by the education department legal division.

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One addition for certain situations

by Sigman In reply to DOWNLOAD: Use this checkl ...

Another check is to deliberately repeat one of the tougher questions asked during a phone interview.

This is based on a first hand experience where a phone interviewee answered a difficult technical question surprisingly well, but when asked FTF was reduced to babbling incoherence.

The only conclusion our interview team could reach was that the FTF candidate was not the same person we spoke to over the phone. No, they were not hired.

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breach of confidence

Your recommendation to contact previous managers of a candidate without her or his express consent is in my opinion against professional ethics and a breach of the confidence the candidate is placing in the prospective employer or employment agency.

Such an employer would never enjoy my services.

In fact a candidate may categorically ask a recruiter NOT to contact individuals, official or company sources for such checking.

This is law in countries where human dignity and rights are respected.

Breaches thus can lead to prosecution

The correct way to my knowledge would be to ask for letters of reference or personal referees.

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Please DO NOT CONTACT Present employer

by R_Carrison In reply to breach of confidence

As an IT person, we have access to alot of data, both confidential and otherwise. My current employer would in all liklihood fire me if they were to learn I was searching for alternative employment. I include references wnd phone numbers for people who know my work product, but ask prospective employers to please not contact my present employer

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