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DOWNLOA Windows PC: Lock it down in 10 steps

By jasonhiner Moderator ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for future improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Post your own tips

by Scott Lowe Contributor In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows PC: Loc ...

If you have other Windows security tips, please post them here and share with other TechRepublic members! We'd all love to hear about them. I also look forward to your feedback on this download.

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TIP: Install SafeSystem (Highly recommended!!!)

by Van Morris In reply to Post your own tips

The steps mentioned in the article are very good but apart from installing and anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall, I go a step further and install SafeSystem, which is a security tool that perfectly complements my other security programs. This program doesn't need to know in advance which virus, worm, spyware or malicious code is trying to infect my computer, it simply doesn't allow any program to be installed or copied to my system while I'm surfing the Web or working with my computer.

I found SafeSystem at:
Also, you can see a good PR about this program at:

IMPORTANT: I want to clarify that I don't have any direct or indirect relation with the company that owns the product I'm suggesting, so my posts shouldn't be considered SPAM.

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"After you take a look at this video, please post your feedback"?

by CSR-TECH In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows PC: Loc ...

Video? What video? All I got was a PDF file with 10 generic/obvious suggestions.

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Sorry about that

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to "After you take a look at ...

It should have simply said "download" rather than video. I was posting several of these discussion starters at once.

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Enough of the DOWNLOADS!

by NI70 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows PC: Loc ...

How about an html page with links to download? I recall this exact phrase in another discussion! A simple html page to read the article/information and if I like it then I could download it from the download link! Again, as in the other discussion regarding DOWNLOADS, if it's a download I just move on without reading it! TechRepublic is DOWNLOAD happy for articles/information that could be posted as an html page!

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Well, TechRepublic members simply show more interest in downloads

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Enough of the DOWNLOADS!

A piece of information like this gets much more traffic as a PDF download than it does as an HTML article. That's why we publish it that way. Of course, that's not a unanimous sentiment, but user behavior has overwhelmingly shown us that that's what most members prefer. That's why we do it as a download.

Ideally, we could offer information like this as both a download and an HTML article, but in times like these when resources are stretched, that's tough to do. So we have to put things in the format that gets the most interest from members.

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MORE than enough of the downloads

by mensaguy In reply to Enough of the DOWNLOADS!

I'm very close to the point where I simply pass on to the next thing if I have to download a PDF file. The great silent majority HATES to see a PDF file. I want HTML, ASCII, or .DOC files so I can read it with the application of MY choice and adapt the information to my own particular circumstances. Downloads are for programs, not documents.

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by dalin In reply to Enough of the DOWNLOADS!

i agree. i skip it if it's a post download.

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Just for starters

by gurzick In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows PC: Loc ...

Legal Notice
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
"LegalNoticeCaption"="Legal Warning"
"LegalNoticeText"="Legal stuff"

Disable Terminal Server Connections
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\currentcontrolset\control\terminal server]

Shutdown unneccessary services, link below if you are not sure:;en-us;832017

Unbind or uninstall protocol stacks that are not used.

Remove all shares and turn off autosharing.

Enable auditing of successful and failures. Increase the logfile sizes for System, Application and Security for the eventlogs.

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Most effective security...

by rhayes In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows PC: Loc ...

Don't run as an administrator!!

If you want to cut out all of the spyware, adware and viruses, then just don't run as an administrator. For most daily tasks, there is no need to do so. And, doing so, simply opens your system up to anything that comes along.

Minimize your attack surface, secure your operating system, protect your software - all by not running as an admin.

Number one rule in the unix world - don't run as root. It's time for windows users to get the message.

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