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    DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled


    by Bill Detwiler ·

    One of the most effective ways to secure a Windows XP workstation is to turn off unnecessary services. This reference sheet lists each Windows XP SP 2 service, describes each service’s function, specifies whether you can safely disable the service, and outlines the ramifications of doing so.

    Download and review the list:

    Then join this ongoing discussion of this download and share your Windows security tips. Also, let us know if this download provided helpful information and if there’s anything we can do to improve the document’s content or format.

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      by jaqui ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      significant defferences between the list in the download and the list that shows in services.msc o xp-pro sp2

      several lister in the download that don’t appear, and visa-versa.

      • #3053268

        here’s the list

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to hmmmmm

        of services showing in an xp pro system with sp2 installed.

        Application Layer Gateway Service
        Application Management
        Automatic Updates
        Background Intelligent Transfer Service
        COM+ Event System
        COM+ System Application
        Computer Browser
        Cryptographic Services
        DCOM Server Process Launcher
        DHCP Client
        Distributed Link Tracking Client
        Distributed Transaction Coordinator
        DNS Client
        Error Reporting Service
        Event Log
        Fast User Switching Compatibility
        Help and Support
        HTTP SSL
        Human Interface Device Access
        IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
        Indexing Service
        IPSEC Services
        IPv6 Helper Service
        Logical Disk Manager
        Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
        Machine Debug Manager
        MS Software Shadow Copy Provider
        Net Logon
        NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
        Network Connections
        Network DDE
        Network DDE DSDM
        Network Location Awareness (NLA)
        Network Provisioning Service
        NT LM Security Support Provider
        Performance Logs and Alerts
        Plug and Play
        Portable Media Serial Number Service
        Print Spooler
        Protected Storage
        QoS RSVP
        Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
        Remote Access Connection Manager
        Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
        Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
        Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
        Remote Registry
        Removable Storage
        Routing and Remote Access
        Secondary Logon
        Security Accounts Manager
        Security Center
        Shell Hardware Detection
        Smart Card
        SSDP Discovery Service
        System Event Notification
        System Restore Service
        Task Scheduler
        TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
        Terminal Services
        Uninterruptible Power Supply
        Universal Plug and Play Device Host
        Volume Shadow Copy
        Windows Audio
        Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
        Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
        Windows Installer
        Windows Management Instrumentation
        Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions
        Windows Time
        Wireless Zero Configuration
        WMI Performance Adapter

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        help on UPS(uninterrupted power supply) serviceand system restore

        by kiranvasantbhanushali ·

        In reply to hmmmmm

        I had disabled the ups and the system restore services,now i cant enable either of them

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      by mesmd ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I’M NOT GOING TO INSTALL SP2 on my current Win XP home network as my current sp1, firewall, router, many malware programs, and anti viral updating and scans daily have kept my network safe. Not until I buy Longhorn or a new computer with sp2 installed, will I use sp2 and the many tweaks and possible hassles I could face configuring it to my current well working network, What do you think about my plan? And will downloading your security Xp article have any beneficial facts for me, knowing I am not using sp2? Thank you very much for your reply.
      M. Stone, M. D.

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      Windows Messenger

      by sschubel ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I have no intention of using Windows Messenger and find the occasional prompts annoying. Can I disable or delete that?

      When I first saw Messenger listed in this great pdf as a service I could disable, I’d originally hoped I’d found the answer to that question… but I see that it is not related to Windows Messenger.

      Any guidance?


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        Sandra do as I do with Windows Messenger

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Windows Messenger

        On a clean install I just live with it for a short time until I’ve got the unit fully patched and loaded with at the very least one AV product. The download Messenger 7 and install it.

        At this point in time you will see two messenger icons on the task bar so open the control pannel then the Add Remove Programs then the Add Remove Windows Components and remove the original Messenger. Reboot and then do the same thing but this time remove Messenger 7 from the listed programs that gets rid of it completely well at least until some git reinstalls it again and then mucks everything up!

        Actually I find the Yahoo Messenger more of a problem as it is almost impossible to remove but now that you have to pay a subscription fee for Hot Mail a lot of people are using Messenger to retrieve their Hot Mail of course without it going through any AV products first. My son does this and drives me nuts with all the problems that he generates for himself. 🙁

        Col ]:)

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          Problems caused by deleting Messenger

          by sschubel ·

          In reply to Sandra do as I do with Windows Messenger

          Microsoft warns that you should not delete Messenger or some programs won’t work right… are there really problems?

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          Well not that I’ve run across

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Problems caused by deleting Messenger

          But maybe it is worth some testing on business units before doing across the network.

          I generally do this to remove Messenger from my sons computer who is a mad game player and it works perfectly until the next time he trashes an OS. Last time it was because he downloaded Messenger again and installed it and then was reading his Hot Mail through it. After I got to over 1200 infections I just wiped the HDD and reloaded after all his top scores are not important and if he wants them he’ll just have to play the game again. 😀

          But I did exactly the same thing on a Work Experience persons computer here last week and it is working perfectly for her. She’s a student and is doing Web Design and things like that so she pushes it pretty hard and it hasn’t given her an ounce of problems since I rebuilt it for her. Even then the rebuild was only required because a GPU fan had died and seized up drawing more power than the unit could handle so the fix was to fit a bigger PS to the computer which eventually took out the Video card, M’Board and CPU. But she does have a nice blue light in the new PS. 🙂

          Col ]:)

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          by evileyejoe ·

          In reply to Well not that I’ve run across

          edit.. nm

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          Wow Hal…

          by ken g. ·

          In reply to Well not that I’ve run across

          Actually I’m a little perplexed at why an account other than yours has the ability to download anything. Wouldn’t it be prudent, and as far as I know; an industry standard, to restrict users from doing anything other than a limited user is able to do; use the machines resources and that’s it? I ask because I run across this as a consultant all the time.

          1200+ infections; wow HAL…that’s devastating.

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          Well I now work exclusively for small business

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Wow Hal…

          Where they do not have an on site IT person and only small LAN’s so for that reason they have to have a bit more access than they can of a more controlled environment.

          Also that case was for my 30 Year Old Sons computer who doesn’t live here with me and I refuse to let him in here to play games across the LAN. Would I like to lock it down so he could never ever install anything at all Hell Yes! But then I would be called over there on a daily basis to load something or do something with administrator privileges that he is just plain and simple unable to do with even a Power Users account which incidentally is not available on a XP Box on a P 2 P LAN. The only unit he can not trash or break in any form is the Linux Gateway machine that has monitoring on incoming & outgoing mail and even then I had to open that up to allow him greater access about the only thing he is unable to do with his 2 station + 1 Linux Box is to send bulk amounts of E-Mail which I have disabled but as he doesn’t hold an active address book and only his Messenger contacts it really is a moot point. :^O

          When I started here the idea was to be in semi retirement which lasted for all of 12 hours before I had a staff of 10 techs all with their own clients brought along with them so instead of only working a few days a week and playing at restoring my collection of Classic Mercedes and Ducati’s the rest of the time I’m back to the 80 + hours a week and I really do not need to make more work for myself particularly when it comes to one of my kids computers which I don’t have the time for and I do not get paid to fix. 🙁

          Col ]:)

        • #3185511


          by ken g. ·

          In reply to Well I now work exclusively for small business

          I meant not to impose on another admin’s policies, by no means not at all, but merely to try to comprehend the philosophy behind the lack of desktop security & control concepts that end users in my line of work seem to miss so badly.

          Truly HAL, this is ninety-percent of my business and without the inordinate amount of malware out there I fear that I would not have a job! Good grief, what happened to the days of the free internet when guys like us were relegated to the lab and not out fighting the good fight all in the name of baud & bandwidth?

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          Well if I had my way

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Well I now work exclusively for small business

          All desktops would be locked down so tight that the end user could maybe enter some data into a D Base or spread sheet maybe write a memo in Word and that would be it.

          But then I’d be constantly running around after them running Defrag and the like as well as performing AV scans and Malware scans. If I had it my way my son wouldn’t have a computer at all as he sees them as nothing more than play toys which are meant to be broken and Windows is just so breakable he just can not help himself. 🙁 Just to mess with his mind once I loaded Debian onto his desktop when he brought it over at 3.00 AM and just left it here without even a note. It’s interesting to have the wife tear in wake me up and demand to know what I think I’m doing by leaving a computer in her way so she can not see the TV. I of course knew absolutely nothing at all about what she was complaining about but sure enough there was a computer there. 😀

          Actually I just slipped in another HDD and loaded it with Debian after reloading XP and then disconnecting his HDD’s and said nothing at all when he rang asking about his computer so he came over picked it up and went home only to ring me back a few minutes latter asking how to connect the Bloody thing he hadn’t even got it switched on. 🙁

          But it got really funny when he wanted to know why his games just wouldn’t load on it and all I could say was “Well it was working perfectly when I had it here.” 😀 I then suggested that it might be a good idea not to just drop the BLOODY thing in without even so much as a note after I had gone over there for something else and removed the Linux drive and reconnected his drives I only let him stew for 5 days. 😉

          As for the majority of the end users I can practically guarantee that if you tell them not to do something they will do exactly what they have been told not to do and then the really scary ones are the ones who think that they know how to use a computer and go around enabling services that have been disabled or my favorite was fitting a wireless Hub into a wired network and leaving it wide open to all and sundry, I only downloaded their Accounting program there to get that thing removed. 😀

          Col ]:)

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          Well I now work exclusively for small business

          by dolphin39 ·

          In reply to Well I now work exclusively for small business

          You need to tell your “kids” to grow up!!!!! and learn how to fix their own stupid mistakes.

        • #3182924
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          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Well I now work exclusively for small business

          “You need to tell your “kids” to grow up!!!!! and learn how to fix their own stupid mistakes.”

          I did try that one out once and had him over here turning the place into Chaos so we got Bugger All work done on paying jobs just running around finding the right drivers for the Plug & Pray cards that where in his unit. Honestly it’s a lot easier and far less disruptive if I keep him out of the place, that way he doesn’t have my techs running around fixing up his “Stuff Ups!” But at least he now keeps the install CD’s that come with the Hardware in a safe place and doesn’t mix them in with his hundreds of game CD’s where they just disappear.

          If he does it it takes him about a day to get working again and totally disrupts the place for about a week till we get everything back where it should be and is findable again. If I do it After Hours I only waste a couple of hours and everything is where it’s supposed to be after I finish. So to me its a “No Brainier” on which way is the less expensive for me. 🙂

          Col ]:)

        • #3175288

          4500 XP business machines installed…

          by chris910 ·

          In reply to Problems caused by deleting Messenger

          WE have 4500 XP business machines installed with the messenger folder renamed and have experienced no significant problems.

      • #3173911

        Rename the ‘Messenger’ Directory.

        by msdavis ·

        In reply to Windows Messenger


        Just go to the Program files\Messenger directory and rename it. I usually rename it to ‘msgs’ it will give you one error on your next reboot but after that you are done with it.

        • #3173523


          by rough ·

          In reply to Rename the ‘Messenger’ Directory.

          Hal,I would think that your 1200 infections come rather from windows messenger,which has nothing to do with msn messenger,There is a known flaw in windows messenger,whereby you get spammed as it were!!The best way to disable it is to rename it as suggested,whereby you do not uninstall the program as it may have depedancies,which rely on windows messenger,I renamed my windows messenger to “messengeroff” and never had an error message on a reboot!!Windows Messenger is only secure if you are on a closed LAN with a corporate or some such other firewall,with internet access through a secure,local server.
          I am a beta tester for MSN Messenger7.0 and as far as I/we know there are no spamming/popup problems with MSN Messenger7.0.0813

      • #3179002


        by maxpro4u ·

        In reply to Windows Messenger

        MS AntiSpyware after install will ask if you want to disable windows messenger-works for me!

      • #3114730

        messenger disabled

        by person125545 ·

        In reply to Windows Messenger

        ad-aware has an add- on tool that blocks it (all free)

      • #3208741

        Disable Messenger

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Windows Messenger

        To turn on the Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run option, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, click Run, type gpedit.msc, and then click OK.
        2. In Group Policy, expand Local Computer Policy, expand Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then expand Windows Messenger.
        3. Double-click Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run, and then click Enabled.
        4. Click OK.
        5. On the File menu, click Exit to quit the Group Policy snap-in.

    • #3175297

      download doesn’t download

      by wet&webbed ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Tried for 2 days – popup blocker off other downloads from site work – ideas?

      • #3174880
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        Well there is the option to Click Here

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to download doesn’t download

        If the download doesn’t start. When I do that in IE, Firefox or Opera it always opens another Window with the PDF file in it readable and savable from there.

        Col ]:)

        • #3208701

          see not a solution

          by rduffy1943 ·

          In reply to Well there is the option to Click Here

          Thanks for trying to help but many are experiencing the same problem as alan1towers. It may be a usage or commitment problem, or a technical one. I am only using a dialup connection so it might be a timeout, but i am not sure.

        • #2536667

          that option does not even show up

          by chazzmatt ·

          In reply to Well there is the option to Click Here

          most of the time, that “click here” does not even show up. I finally figured out something was wrong, so I held down the CTRL key to temporarily allow pop ups. Finally, the “click here” thing appeared. but the rest of the time I was going crazy with the stupid Tech Republic downloads. They really need another system that does not rely upon pop ups and crap. So many people block them and for good reason! I have THREE pop up blockers — one from Windows, one from my Google toolbar and one from Spyware Doctor. Plus, no scripts can run without my approval. I think Tech Replublic uses all those!

      • #3187795


        by rafaelernesto ·

        In reply to download doesn’t download

        Iit seems obvious, but if no link open the pdf, rightclick and choose save target. Just a hint for the ones temporally unfocused as I sometimes am.

        edit: I almost forgot to point that I received a message of corrupt or damaged file when I tried to open the file from the links; “right clicking” worked and the file is good.

        • #3208844

          Not a solution

          by alan1towers ·

          In reply to solution….

          I dont get the button to download just one that says ‘continue viewing’ and no matter what i left or right click I don’t get the download. This is the second or third article I’ve had the problem with and they all have the new format.

        • #3208795

          Not a solution – NO DOWNLOAD link or button

          by sailormomo ·

          In reply to Not a solution

          I dont get any button nor link for download same as alen1towers.

          So rightclick menu options for save as.. on links are not applicable.

          So please can someone tell me where or how to download the list other then from :

          Best Regards,

        • #3208642

          Same problem here!

          by cyberfrem ·

          In reply to Not a solution – NO DOWNLOAD link or button

          The only download option is a buton titled “Continue to view”. If I click on it the page simply refreshes! I’ve turned off pop-up blocking. I’ve tried different browsers – all with no success.

          I used to be able to get downloads before they changed to this format.

          How can I get the downloads now?

        • #3207939

          RE: Same problem here!

          by wncsnoopy24 ·

          In reply to Same problem here!

          I was starting to think the problem was “ME” and that I just kept missing something. Nice to know I’m not the only one having problems with this download

        • #3205938

          this is driving me demented!

          by kerrya ·

          In reply to Same problem here!

          It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one with this problem, but it’s still immensely frustrating. What’s worse, is that *none* of the download pages seem to be working. Either I get the “Continue Viewing” button, or a page with all the trimmings, but no content. Sometimes, when I’m really lucky, I get the “If a new page doesn’t open, click here” link. It doesn’t actually _work_ (just opens a blank page), but at least it’s a step in the right direction. And don’t even get me started on the login prompts beneath the “Hi Kerry” page headers….
          I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t just unsubscribe, rather than clutter up my inbox with a bunch of links that are of no use to me 🙁

        • #3205917

          Got it!

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to this is driving me demented!

          Log out & log back in. The last update apparently made some changes & you will have to update your cookie.

        • #3205969

          It’s more than that

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to solution….

          I click on the link and a new page opens telling me I need to log. (Access to this feature requires a free TechRepublic membership)

          The page header recognizes that I am already logged in. (Welcome Nick | Log Out | etc. [i]Note: Page source saved, available on request.[/i])

          Logging in on that page takes me to a page asking for emplyment information, etc. [b]This is the same BS page that comes up for my old “transferred” ZDNet login[/b]. I thought I had fixed the cookie problem created by the ZDNet/TR merger, but maybe I am wrong.

          All I know is there is a major problem here and all of the standard solutions either don’t work or aren’t available.

      • #3208702

        didnt then lost download button

        by rduffy1943 ·

        In reply to download doesn’t download

        The same happened to me. I downloaded then using firefox but now I have only the continue viewing button appearing. Maybe it a punishment.

        • #3205998

          there is a help page on download

          by rduffy1943 ·

          In reply to didnt then lost download button

          but it didnt work for me. i found if i didnt log in straight away but tried to view, i got the “click here” that is missing with the “continue to view” button page and was able to download

    • #3179039

      Wrong suggestion for BITS

      by hgaudini ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      FYI: In your listing, you show that windows updates should be enabled, however, you show the suggested setting for BITS as disabled, even though you state that BITS is required for update services, I think the chart should show BITS as enabled, for the suggested setting. You would’nt have updates enabled and BITS disabled, would you now!

    • #3176771

      How to

      by arnaldo.saf ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I?m sorry but your article doesn?t show how to disable the services

    • #3187713

      Disabling DNS Client

      by drewmansu ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Frustrated with Microsoft’s DNS Caching mechanism as well as worried about the threat of DNS cache poisening we started disabling the DNS Client Services on workstations in our test lab. So far, all of them are working perfectly.

      I know this is counterintuitive to disable but I wanted to see if anyone else is experimenting with this.


      • #3187710
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        Well right at the moment it not an option for me anyway

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Disabling DNS Client

        As I’m testing Thin Clients off a Unix Cluster so I can not do without DCHP but then again it’s not MS so I’ll probably be A OK!

        Col ]:)

      • #3185419

        Hal, I’m disabling DNS client not DHCP

        by drewmansu ·

        In reply to Disabling DNS Client

        Can’t live w/out my DHCP… DNS in our lab and on my workstation continue to work fine when Windows DNS client is disabled.

      • #3116489

        No replies? I would love feedback on this

        by drewmansu ·

        In reply to Disabling DNS Client

        We’re now running all WinXP Pro workstations in a Win2003 Mixed Mode environement w/out the DNS Client service running w/out any known side effects.

        I think the author Scott Lowe jumped to conclusions about how Microsofts’ DNS client functions. I understand his conclusions but coming from a Unix background and using FreeBSD as my primary workstation I’ve yet to find a good explanation for running MS’s DNS client.

        I would like others to try this out and let me know if there are unknown side effects.

      • #3136287

        MS DNS is not an issue

        by michel.marcon ·

        In reply to Disabling DNS Client


        AFAIK the MS DNS client service on Windows XP clients is on only useful if you have Active Directory enabled on your LAN.
        I have not. So I disabled it. However, I have a “classic” DNS server under Linux and my XP client is pointing to it. No problem.

        Sysadmin Unix & Windows

        • #3079507

          We’re on MS DNS

          by drewmansu ·

          In reply to MS DNS is not an issue

          Internally we run Active Directory on Windows2003 servers. I have domain membership on my client WinXP machine and can do everything w/ my DNS Client disabled that I could with it enabled.

          The only difference I can see is that I am less likely to fall victim to DNS cache poisoning exploits.

          You bring up a point though, perhaps it is needed for older Windows DNS implementations or for sites that are still using WINS.

          We do run our domain contollers in mixed mode but we do not run WINS… thank God!

        • #2496382

          DNS Client

          by jorgen.bjorkman ·

          In reply to We’re on MS DNS

          This service should be called ‘DNS Client Cache’
          To my knowledge this is all it does.
          I’ve never found any problems whatsoever with having it disabled, standalone, in 2k or 2k3 domains.

          Try the following:
          ipconfig /displaydns ‘show cache contents’
          ipconfig /flushdns ‘clear cache contents’

          If you stop the dns client service ipconfig /displaydns will output:
          ‘Could not display the DNS Resolver Cache.’
          DNS name resolution will continue to function perfectly well though.

    • #3123031

      Log Issues

      by mikeqak ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Hello, I find that I can no longer switch users after applying disable to the points suggested in this artical. Nor am I able to find the one that turned this feature off. Can you help?


    • #3133439

      Similar list for linux?

      by gary.duffy ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Does anyone know of a similar guide for the services that can be disabled in linux? I am often tempted to disable the NFS daemon but I’d like to know what might be affected by this action beforehand.

    • #3152992

      Thank you Re: xp services… disabled

      by r-blue ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Thanks for all the work. Makes for a good reference.

    • #3208687

      not able to download the clip

      by mundhra5 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      respected sir,
      i m not able to download the clip of this content. pls help me out

    • #3208638


      by neetshre ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I am not able to download the PDf File. Can any body help me. I search the whole page but could not find the download button.

      • #3208257

        You need to click on the…

        by cyberfrem ·

        In reply to download

        …Continue to View button

        However, it does not appear to work! At least not for a few of us on here.

        Does this new link work for anyone?

        • #3205968

          Not that I know of since the update

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to You need to click on the…

          This page and any other with the “Continue to View” button instead of the “Download” button always takes me to a login page, and from there to a BS request for supplemental data for my profile (which information is either already there or none of TR’s/CNET’s business). I have even entered the data on that page, but still have yet to reach the actual file.

        • #2574035


          by manou1318 ·

          In reply to You need to click on the…

          The gentleman that sent the infor on Disable Windows XP services………This is the tenth time you send this message since few years but you have no curtosy to complete your instructions by saying how and where ….What do you typr in RUN to open the services???………come on guys be curtous please……Manou

      • #2490949

        Same here

        by dmiglia840 ·

        In reply to download

        I, also cannot find a way to download the .pdf file; all I can access is the summary.

    • #2496367

      Not this AGAIN

      by now left tr ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Number of time this kind of thing crops up only for some user to find out they can;t do somthing after the disable.

    • #2500059


      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I disabled Themes on my computer and my Canon FS2710 film scanner quit working.

    • #2497049


      by truedinosaur ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Blackviper did this list for SP2 10/2004.

    • #2497512

      Suggested settings ????

      by eric.home ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      I challenge anyone to use ALL the suggested “Disable” settings in this article and not have to reload XP. Doesn’t anyone proof read or test this garbage before it gets published?

    • #2527448

      How about Vista services

      by gis bun ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Anything in Vista that can be turned off or did MS get smart [ya right]?

    • #2597170

      Win XP PDF list – S U P E R !!

      by valoisr ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Somehow – and I tried so many times – I simply could not get this list through the link provided in this thread. So I searched wiht Google and found the list (link) through “” and lo and behold, this superbly detailed and meticulously drafted list showed up on my screen in PDF format. And rather ironic that the title and logo on the list shows the source as being TECHREPUBLIC !!! Maybe something is wrong with the linkiing on this thread ?? Anyhow, here is the “direct” link to the list:


    • #2606915

      some comments on services based on experiences w/ XP

      by radicalspud ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      this is a great list, very useful for people who are looking to optimize XP performance and aren’t afraid to poke around in the innards of windows.

      in my experience, some of the services that are listed as safe to disable are actually better left on if you use certain common windows features like “Automatic Updates” or the Windows Update site. (personally, i do updates manually via Windows Update, on machines i administer, because Automatic Updates installs EVERYTHING that MS deems critical, including things like IE 7 which ARE NOT critical and in some cases, actually cause problems where none existed before. we don’t use IE 7 as a rule, or Malicious Software Removal Tool.)

      so, bearing that in mind, the last time i checked (and this might have changed), Windows Update (and possibly Automatic Updates) requires Cryptographic Services, IPSEC, Network Location Awareness, Remote Access Connection Manager, and Telephony to work properly, as well as AU and BITS. RACM, Telephony, and BITS can be set to manual and left off, they will start when needed for updating.

      WebClient service: “the WebClient service provides WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) integration in the Explorer shell. It makes it possible to use ‘web folders’ and to browse the file systems of web servers (not unlike FTP, but better — adds secure password authentication and file locking) within an Explorer window. WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP/1.1 protocol.” and it can be turned off with no effect on functionality unless you actually use WebDAV stuff.

      beyond that, everything else in the list looks good. thanks for taking the time to write this up, it’s a handy guide to pass on to my tech-savvy friends.

    • #3321534

      Umm Ok now what?

      by stephen.brantleyjr ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      This is great. One slight problem. Most of these do not have a simple “Let’s open the program and disable it” option. Many are embedded within Windows or are hidden processes. The beginning user or novice are going to be unable to use 95% of this list.

    • #2556710

      Who’s the JackAss that wrote this crap?

      by thomasnruth1 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      Who ever the jackass is that wrote this crap, you need your freeking head examined.

      The paper is WRONG in its recommendations and doesn’t provide the common user any clue to what he/she is doing.

      I’m a computer technician and would never peform 90% of what this paper recommends to my worst enemy.


    • #2464374

      GREAT LIST But….

      by bmulligan69 ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      It’s a good list, but why on earth do you put documents in PDF format? At least recommend Foxit Reader instead of one of the biggest bloatware aps named Adobe to read tech docs for aspiring super-users.

      • #2465834

        Safely Disable?

        by lucideer ·

        In reply to GREAT LIST But….

        I know it depends on your defenition of “safely” but I run with RPC Locator, WMI, Event Logs, Network Connections disabled with no problems.

        Also, I’d imagine Cryptographic Services would also be “safe” to disable if Automatic Updates were disabled too. Wouldn’t it?

        • #2913153

          Try this~~

          by gotmilkcrazy ·

          In reply to Safely Disable?

          MyUSBOnly is a software that can completely fulfill your needs.

          It makes you can keep your own privacy and business confidential information~~

          Another advantage is that other people would not know that you have installed this software to secure your computer until he is doing something which is harmful for your information secret

    • #3002231

      Need information about AD

      by modris.bernands ·

      In reply to DOWNLOAD: Windows XP services that can be disabled

      thanks for information!
      this is good, but who can make list with services for member (xp) of AD? What is minimum of services who I need?
      Maybe You have link from other resources?

      • #2998676

        RE:Windows XP services that can be disabled

        by mariejack ·

        In reply to Need information about AD

        Just came across this thread today and had only one quick comment/question. I’m no expert on what is safe to disable, but have learned it’s best for me to try checking what dependencies are involved before making any moves. By simply right-clicking on “My Computer” I can chose Manage in the menu to manage any changes.

        From there I chose Services in the menu to pull up a list of what’s available. By choosing a program listed I can look at what other programs are dependent on that service and decide whether to disable it or not.

        Again, I’m no expert but have found this to be helpful for us.

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