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DOWNLOAD:10 things you can do to turn useless meetings into productive ones

By JodyGilbert ·

After you take a look at this download, please post your feedback, ideas for improvements, or further thoughts on this topic.

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Having wasted so much of my life in useless meetings...

by dennyg In reply to DOWNLOAD:10 things you ca ...

...I wonder why the meeting mentioned in #6 exists at all? "...update attendees...of things they do not care about". " one at the meeting can do anything with the information provided". Especially in this day and age, with technology as it is, why, oh why, must we attend an event as listed here? LOL! I always thought the point of bringing together a group was to get action from them on an issue, or issues?

Thanks for the thread! Good information. I wish I could get back all of the time I have wasted in these meetings.

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A few more

by Gabby22 In reply to DOWNLOAD:10 things you ca ...

1. Many meetings (or parts of meetings) are intended to be convergent or divergent. Convergent meetings result in decisions. Divergent meetings result in ideas. Recognising which is which is important. Do the divergent things first. Also note that people also tend to fall in these categories - some want to make a decision and get out - others want to talk all day. The skills needed to manage the different meeting types differ considerably too.

2. Get a good leader. Sounds impossible, but it's sometimes relatively easy. I've seen leaders pass up the 'chairmanship' to others who were better at running meetings. The leader was still in charge, so it was OK.

3. Provide feedback to the leader. It's easy to give the 'leader' hints about what was right or wrong about the meeting without being too brutal. This is *critical* for regular meetings.

A useful thread would be how to hijack meetings, how to prevent hijacks, and how to sabotage a meeting. I've seen some real experts at the last one.

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Meetings have various goals

by hlhowell In reply to DOWNLOAD:10 things you ca ...

A meeting goal can be to accomplish a specific task, but that is not the whole purpose of a meeting, and while you may not like the meeting or its content, it is important to realize the purpose of various meetings.

1. As mentioned, a task meeting set to accomplish a task.

2. A planning meeting, to get everyone to realize the goal(s) of a specific project.

3. A training meeting, to share knowledge.
You may already have the knowledge, but it is important to participate to help others on your group or team, to share your knowledge experience or skill with the team. Bogarting (keeping it to yourself) is not helpful to you or others.

4. Team building. Teaching you and others to work well together, to participate in each others work and to share skills and abilities to make the team better than the sum of its parts. This is one of the most adversely greated form of meetings, yet is the most beneficial to the team. I always get grief, expecially from recent grads, or those that think their time is too valuable to spend this way, yet I have proven time and again that these meetings benefit the entire group, by establishing who has specific skills and experience, sharing knowledge, and giving the team the greater ability to manage difficult, disparate tasks to accomplish complex goals.

5. Experience sharing. I find that young people disrespect this aspect of any meeting. But they are young and don't know that they do not have all the skills, knowledge or experience to solve the problems facing them.
Invariably the ones that can benefit the most from this type of meeting is the one that refuses to go or participate. In my book, these are also the ones most quickly eliminated from the team. They are too arrogant to realize what they need to learn and eventualy become a liability to the team. They are long term ineffective, produce work that is undocumented, unskilled and without long term merrit.

Just my experience and somewhat biased persoanl oppinion.

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