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downloader trojan

By sherridl2004 ·
Help!! I had a pop up and thinking it was my antivirus, clicked on it. Afterward I noticed it said Microsoft security essentials - unknown win/32 trojan. My computer will boot, but it will not allow me to run cmd and crashes within a few minutes. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to See

Goes by the wayside...

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I had something similar happen

by bit24sh0cker In reply to downloader trojan

I got hit with something similar, completely got by Norton. I spend 2 days trying to fix it up, what a waste of time.

I tried a couple of free av trials, but they couldn't find it. The Cyberdefender free trial did find it, but I had to pay to fix it. So I did since it was about $40 to get the full version, which is about what it costs for others. It also came with a money back guarantee, so I figured to try it.

Anyway, it fixed some of the issues but not all.

It comes with a 24 x 7 call center, which I called and they were really helpful (real Americans, not an Asian call center) and told me that since I installed the software after I got the virus that they would need to fix it by remote access.

5 minutes later it was done and the system was clean.

Since then I have gotten a pop-up every now and then saying something is attacking my computer, and I click the button and it is blocked. Easy to use and I am happy with it.

This video show how the call center works:

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You click the button, do you

by santeewelding In reply to I had something similar h ...

Babe in the woods.

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Press the button.

by seanferd In reply to You click the button, do ...

Children of the Cold War may have a deeper fear of this action. Children of the Internet seem not to have figured this out. I am thankful that children of the Internet were not in charge of the Cold War. (The actual Cold Warriors were frequently iffy enough.)

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