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By jrcarrera ·
I can't download: DSL and cable modem networks explained. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Roz Carrera

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by jonno112 In reply to Downloading

More info would be good.

Modem plugged in?
modem turned on?
Cables plugged into the computers?
Have you got green lights where the cable plugs into the back of the system?
Correct DNS?
Static ip or dhcp?
Can you get onto the internet at all or you just can,t download?

Has it ever worked?

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by zlitocook In reply to Downloading

Hi did you call your your provider? The company that gave you the cable modem? They can walk you through setting up your internet connection and getting it to work. Call your provider and let them help you.

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by jdittmer1 In reply to Downloading

Is your lan port turned on in your Bios?

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by TheChas In reply to Downloading

It worked for me.

Like many TR downloads, this one opens up a new browser window and loads Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Alternately, you can right click on "here" on the page that opens up after you attempt a TR download:

Then choose to open or save the link.

Make sure that your security and pop-up settings are not too tight.

If this is the only TR download that you have had problems with, it might be a site glitch.
From time to time, some downloads are not accessible.


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by Quaint_Data In reply to Downloading

your phone line has to be setup for dsl first, usualy you have to buy a router once the line is activated by your server ( Paid for) you install the router and your done, you have dsl.

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