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By shellycurran9772 ·
the most easiest-simple way to find completely free zero nada no cost at all music downloads i do not own a credit card to subscribe to anything thank GOD and have no checking or savings account i would truly appretiate any help that actually works and is completly free my son has hydrocheplus and music calms him and me as well only country .thank you

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by TheChas In reply to downloading?

There are very few sites where you can actually get 'free' music.

Most sites that offer music only allow free downloads of short samples of selected tracks.

If you live in the US, I recommend that you do NOT use any of the peer-to-peer file sharing networks.
The RIAA is taking extreme measures to discourage people from using the networks.
The threat of a lawsuit from the RIAA for thousands of dollars per download is very real.

If you are not in the US, I sympathize with your situation.
2 of the main peer-to-peer networks are KaAza and Grockster.
Search Google on either, and you will get a list of sites with the required software for you to download.

If you get KaAza, make sure that you get the "light" version.
The full version WILL install a number of ad-ware and spy-ware programs on your PC.

Also, make sure that your virus scanner is up to date, and that download and file scan are enabled!
Many of the music files are infected with a variety of viri.

Assuming that you have a CD burner, or free hard drive space, I suggest that you find a local radio station that has acceptable music and use the line-in jack on your sound card along with MP3 conversion software to create your own music library.

Check the audio tools at for a number of free-ware programs for audio and MP3 creation and editing.


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by lumberjack In reply to downloading?

Please Note - This is generally not legal!

there are a number of newsgroups available through your isp that 'offer' various MP3 music files. These are of varying quality, however the range available is impressive - popular music from 1940's to present day, plus classical, jazz etc.
eg alt.binaries.mp3.classical
some groups offer music by particular artists too

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by redcoolcar In reply to downloading?
Kevin Rose gave us this download.
Dark Tip: KaZaA Lite -,24330,3428302,00.html

I hope this works - it's free

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by wallrae In reply to downloading?

JD Hay's Crooners Collection Go here for a great
assortment of free wavs and midis---zilch, nada,
free!!! Wallrae

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by alfredoprodas In reply to downloading?

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