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Downloading critical updates

By camilledjackson ·
How can I download critical updates (Windows 2000) from the internet to the company's intranet without internet connectivity due to security classification issues. What are some of the freeware for patch management that are available that I can use for my company's network?

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by CG IT In reply to Downloading critical upda ...

hummm order a CD with all of em on it from Microsoft?

OR you COULD put a machine off the intranet that has internet access and use Software Update Service from Microsoft. then import which ever ones you want to the intranet and deploy em. That would solve the download updates from the internet without internet connectivity via the "intranet".

lot of work though.

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by TheChas In reply to Downloading critical upda ...

To download the individual updates from Microsoft, use the Windows Update Catalog page.

I have not tried any of the patch managers, so I don't have a recommendation.


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by Mikel~T In reply to Downloading critical upda ...

Microsoft's Software Update Services (SUS) is a great tool.

You only set that server to download the patches, and you have to approve each one by simply visiting the SUS website on your local server to do it.

That way, you can wait a week for all the bugs to be worked out, and pick and choose the ones you want to be deployed to your network.

Using Active Directory Group Policies, you can set your local machines to only poll your local server for updates, and disable the Windows Update link entirely to make sure no one cheats.

You can schedule the updates as well...

Hope this helps.


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by Ronypp In reply to Downloading critical upda ...

If yours is a small network, then Software Update Service (SUS) is a good option. The Sus server should have access to the internet. Its available for download from Microsoft. The registry has to be edited on the client machines and the client will contact the server for any update.

In the server, you can specify which update should be pushed to the Client PCs.

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by shmaltz In reply to Downloading critical upda ...

If you don't have Internet Connectivity then you can't. If you do then use the Internet to download it. If you don't have Internet connectivity then the Updates are not critical anymore.
If the machines on your LAN don't have connectivity but theres is one computer that does have, then you can use MS SUS available here (remove spaces):

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