Downloading emails from Webmail to an External Hard Drive

By ToAT ·
I've about 16,000 emails that need to be loaded onto a 1 terabyte external hard drive. I've not found a successful means of doing this without translating the emails into lines and lines and lines of useless binary and without rendering attachments worthless. I'm working off of an HP. Any suggestions?

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Like this

by shasca In reply to Downloading emails from W ...

Is this what you are wanting to do? this is a very basic export function generalizing webmail. Where are these messages stored now? Is this option available.

How do I export a message or a folder to Windows?
To export a Webmail folder, click on Folders. In the Folders window, select a folder from the drop down list. After the Selected Folder Information: is updated, select Export Folder and then save the folder as a file on your PC. To export Webmail messages, select the messages in the Index window and click Export Selected Messages. Webmail is unaware of what kind of system (Windows, UNIX, MacOS, etc.) the folder will be exported to, and always ends each line with only a new line character (hex "0A") which is the UNIX convention. Windows systems expect each line to terminate with a carriage return followed by a new line character (hex "0D0A"). The exported messages and folders are compatible with the UNIX environment but not with Windows environment.

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You could probably fit all your emails onto 2 or 3 DVDs ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Downloading emails from W ...

I've currently got emails for the last 5 years (27,000 emails) all stored online but the storage doesn't come to much more than 6GB - and a lot of them have substantial email attachments - my attachment limit is 30MB per email.

My local offline storage runs to 5 DVDs but that's only because each DVD is chronologically arranged in year order.

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