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I just signed up on this site so I could download this list, and it will not download. Apparently I have something called "phishing filter" which "checks" the site for an infinite amount of time, and the downnload never happens. I have never seen "phishing filter" on my computer before; is this something that came when I signed up for TechRepublic? The free gift I downloaded was the password software, so I'm wondering if this is the problem. Can anyone tell me how to download the shortcut list? Thanks!

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Downloading Outlook short ...

First of all, welcome to the TR community.

Second, the phishing filter you're referring to is probably part of Internet Explorer 7. It's a new 'feature', implemented to protect you.

Third, do you have some other popup blocking software installed, like maybe a Google or Yahoo Toolbar? If so, turn it off. Your download will come in the form of another window opening up so you can read it. Of course, if you right click the link instead of clicking it and choose "Save Target As", you could download the list to your own computer and read it at your leisure.

Fourth, if you gave us the URL of where you're finding the list, perhaps we can check for you to see if it's an OLD download which is no longer available.

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