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downloading 'pdf' files

By gmasellie ·
I used to download the files for some subjects I
wanted to know more about. Lately I get a note
similar to this "IE can not download 13&ltype=dl_dlnow&cid=5851392". Are these subjects
for other operating systems? Or I need a helper
software? kindly reply,ellie

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by ctrservices In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

Try uninstalling/reinstalling your reader. Also, check for spyware/viruses at boot-up.

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by Andrew06 In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

Are you trying to right click and save target as?

That could be the major problem, as most websites after you click on the link, redirect you to a "management" page where all the documents then redirect you to the pdf document.

Other sites link directly to the file where you can save as. Just click on hte link and let it load and im sure youll be fine

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by pierrejamme In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

Can you right mouse on and chose "Save Target As"? I prefer that to clicking on a pdf anyway as sometimes it takes longer.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

The problem is when you download pdf file it?s mean IE open a new window and start the installed acrobat reader. The error message can means that you have not installed the acrobat reader, or your installed acrobat reader is broken. The possible solution is to install a new version of acrobat reader. You can download and install from following link:

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by Blackcurrant In reply to downloading 'pdf' files


The first answer is correct. Acrobat Reader is no longer the default web viewer for pdf files. Uninstalling and reinstalling will correct this.

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by meddjay In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

How old is your adobe acrobat reader? What version? You might want to go to the adobe site and update to the newest version, this will help in some cases.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

set your reader to open pdf in browser this might fix it.

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by bluenose5709 In reply to downloading 'pdf' files

I agree with the solution to uninstall and re-install the acrobat reader, However a quick and simple thing to check prior to doing this is the file assiciation to ensure that the extention .pdf is set to open with acrobat.

if you select start / settings / folder options.

then select the files type tab and look for .pdf and ensure that the program used to view them is Acrobat reader.

If it is not then change it to acrobat reader and all should be well, If however it is allready set to acrobat reader then a reinstall may be you only option.

Good luck

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