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    Downloading updates


    by tfruendt ·

    Recently I have been having problems trying to update windows XP. At first it would download then it would try to install but fail. Then a message would come up saying that what i was trying to install did not pass the logos screen. Yes I do have a legit copy. Now when I try and do it, it tells me I need to update windows upddate so I accept and click update then it keeps repeating this step over and over. Any advice?

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      This can happen if you have anything but the default ‘leave me open to the world’ security settings on the system. Best answer is to downlaod the patches to a folder using the ‘save to disk’ option and then run them later. This has the added advantage of not having to get another download if you have to rebuild later. This is possible as network admins need to get the patcehs donwlaoded locally.

      The web site for getting the patches direct is:

      Use the search bar at the bottom and use the ‘sort results by’ option near the top right.

      I do this all the time and find it much easier than the Windows update.

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      by deester ·

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      When you get that error,
      There is a msg at the bottom for “online help”
      they have a fix for XP that corrects the problem for trying to install windows update software over and over.

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