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By Bafrank ·
"Access Denied DOWNLOAD.LOG" this is the message that i get when the computer is starting.....

And the information below is what i get when downloading from the email box, in particular the yahoo mails.

"Internet explorer cannot download....sort=date&pos=0&view=a&head=b from
Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found..."

When i tried to open the download log in the program file, i still got this message "Access Denied DOWNLOAD.LOG"

How do i sort this out?


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by Bafrank In reply to Download.Log

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by Bafrank In reply to Download.Log

I will greatly appreciate an answer that would come so dying to have my pc fixed

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by zlitocook In reply to Download.Log

Are you logged in as the administrator for the XP box? Is this a home computer or are you using a company computer? It sounds like there is some thing loading at start up that needs internet access. There is not alot of things in XP that will do that unless they are setup. You may have a virus, spyware or be setup as a computer that has a back door to let others use your computer. There is alot of free ware and shareware that can help you clean your system. Use Google to search for window washer5, spybot search and distroy and add adware. But a good antivirus software program is the first thing you need and keep it up to date. I would boot into safe mode and delete the download.log file after running the above programs. If you are running XP have you made a restore point? As your computer boots up you will see a screen that shows the program loading and will tell you to hit a key to go into trouble shooting. This could be as simple as resetting your Internet explorer, options from the tools and internet options and cleaning it out. To running cleaning programs. None of these things are hard or will not hurt your computer. There are people out there who have too much time on thier hands and like to cause others problems.

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