By shawdio09 ·
its been hard downloadin music on the net is there any application i can use?
and where can i get it??

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Define hard..

by Shellbot In reply to downloads

Do you mean your having trouble downloading? (dropping connections, slow speed?)

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Problem is soft

by jdclyde In reply to Define hard..


of course the OP has yet to define what the problem is.

What website is he trying to download from, itunes? They do have support for that.

Then again, I think it is stupid to pay $.99 to download a single song, and can't believe people will pay that. dumbdumbdumb.

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I pay

by Shellbot In reply to Problem is soft

for downloads..but not iTunes..

Russian and great quality..been using it for a few years..completely safe.

His issue could be soft-ware related...could be 100 reasons for that..

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Was a pretty open question

by jdclyde In reply to I pay

wasn't it?

Drops his car off at the auto shop with a sign on it, "it is broke"......

He does need to break it down and say what he is trying to do and the problem he is having.

i am betting he is looking for free downloads though, and THAT is his "problem".

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yes..was pretty open

by Shellbot In reply to Was a pretty open questio ...

and i just couldn't resist...
must be something in the air today..i'm restless..need some excitement or soemthing...
sadly this is the best i can find to amuse me :)

free downloads too much work.. the site i use charges about 1$ US per albumn, or about 10 cent a song... works for me

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give me some of that action

by jdclyde In reply to yes..was pretty open

peer me a link, will ya?

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Ditto JD.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to yes..was pretty open
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You are aware of the Russian debacle, aren't you !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I pay
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Not familiar

by Shellbot In reply to You are aware of the Russ ...

with that site/s

Not the one I use... so either they've escaped notice or they are a bit more legal than those ones.

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When I heard they were being doubted ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not familiar

I set up a script to generate Sign-Ups, because they offered an 'introductory offer' of 3 free MP3s.

I just kept logging in with yet another ID and effectively lifted a whole raft (actually more like an ocean-going liner's worth) of tunes until one day they had been shut down.

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