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Downloads and access list

By rpowell ·
I cannot download any of the documents because of an access list on my edge router. Can you tell me what to permit in the access list to be able to download a document?

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by CG IT In reply to Downloads and access list

your kidding right...

next question: are you using Unisphere Network's Enhanced ERX Edge router?

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by rpowell In reply to

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by rpowell In reply to Downloads and access list

No, kidding, cisco 3661 router. What address do i need to permit in my access list?

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by TheChas In reply to Downloads and access list

This is from the Help, Downloads page here at TR:

"We are experiencing temporary technical difficulties with some of our downloads. They should be available again soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I am having problems downloading from your site.
Our members who sit behind a proxy server or firewall often experience problems downloading from our site. If you have this problem, please make sure that you have FTP ports 20 and 21 open, as well as port 80. TechRepublic downloads do not use a static port, so if you're suddenly unsuccessful in downloading but have been able to download in the past, please try again."


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by CG IT In reply to Downloads and access list

Cisco has an extenstive online user information base including "how tos" in configuring an Access Router [the 3661 Access Routers. Here's a link**86a008007de1b.html

in this overview are hperlinks to quick start guides, NIC interface setup guides, and whatnot. Seeing how the 3661 has more than a couple of doz different modules that can be installed to configure it, a simple answer as "add this" to the access list isn't possible. HOWEVER, if the site your trying to reach can't be reach because it's not in the access list, add the IP address in if your downloading FTP the IP add is if the download traffic is http inbound/outbound just the ip address without port designation should do it. Sometimes when getting docs of a web site the redirect is to a ftp site . Since the ftp is a different IP and isn't in your access list ha ha your blocked.

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by CG IT In reply to

and if what Chas suspects which I totally missed, that your trying to download off tech republic and can't, thats a techrepublic customer service thing.

Boy, I've way to much coffee this morning...

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