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After downloading apps on my PC how do I install it? some apps install automatically, some will take you for a tour of a number of adverts and finally fail to reach the goal. looking for shortcuts and avoid marketiers. Thanks.

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Depends on what they are I suppose

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to downloads and installatio ...

But Ideally you should chose the Download Option and save them to a Temp Folder and then run the Install Routine from there.

However saying that some software is downloaded as Zipped Files or whatever and you need to unzip them first before you can install them.

Of course if you are using some form of Linux the different Distros require a different method depending if you get a Tarball or a RPM Package.


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What OS are you on?

by bdoors In reply to downloads and installatio ...

If Windows, download to a folder, then scan with anti-malware product BEFORE running it for installation. Also download only from reputable web sites, like CNET (or If you download from just anywhere you are just asking for trouble.

This procedure takes longer but avoids marketers, spyware, adware, etc.

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