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Downloads not executable

By chance3377 ·
I downloaded 3 different registry cleaners from your site and none of them execute when I double click on them.
Win7 32bit PC. Is there something else I am supposed to be doing?
I did not see any instructions.

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Were they ads on the Site maybe

by PurpleSkys In reply to Downloads not executable

What was the name of these changes cleaners? I've always liked the registry cleaner in c cleaner.

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Reponse To Answer

by chance3377 In reply to Were they ads on the Site ...

not ads. They are the ones highlighted in Software Downloads mailing from Tech republic. 1 was WiseFixer 4.1, another was aslo on the software download page, Regcleaner was the name of the file.

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ZIP Archives?

by TheChas In reply to Downloads not executable

At least one of the files I tried from the TR download page was a .ZIP archive file.

You can right click on the file and select extract to expand the files from the archive so you can access the installer.

It would be nice to know what problems you are having and which version of Windows you are running to review your options before running random registry cleaners.

Not that all registry cleaners are bad. Some are just better than others.

If you do have a PC that has slowed down and needs some cleaning, you might start with CCleaner. Many TR peers use and recommend it highly.

My personal favorite is Registry First Aid from Rose City Software.

Another I like is Perfect Registry from Raxco software.

Any way you go here, use caution. Some registry entries appear to be bad entries to some registry cleaners when they are still required for software installed on your system. If in doubt, don't remove the key.


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I would urge extreme caution!

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Downloads not executable

If you are having difficulty installing downloads, then you will more likely as not
have even more difficulty with ANY registry cleaner. These do very little and can
result in an inoperable system if proper precautions are not taken. Also, over the
last few years my viewpoint of the usefulness of registry "cleaners" has changed,
there has been NO tests to conclusively demonstrate that the use of these tools
results in a "faster" system.
If you feel the need, then CCleaner is the only one I would recommend for a
novice user, or possibly AWL. However, be absolutely SURE you backup your
registry prior to "cleaning".
It is probably more a case of having too much other garbage apps installed rather
than a dirty registry giving you problems.

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